Do all Insinkerators fit the same?

Do all Insinkerators fit the same?

Designed to be Interchangeable If you have an InSinkErator disposal or are purchasing one for the first time you should know that the company has designed all of their disposals to be installed the same way.

What are the parts of a garbage disposal?

Main Components of a Garbage Disposal A garbage disposal is essentially a plastic or metal canister with a motor in the bottom and a large open compartment that catches food waste. Called a hopper or grinding chamber, the compartment has a spinning metal plate (sometimes called a flywheel) at its base.

Can you take apart an InSinkErator?

The Badger InSinkErator is a popular kitchen home garbage disposal system installed directly under your sink. However, once that is accomplished, the rest of the disposal can be disassembled and removed from its casing in a matter of a few minutes.

How do I know what garbage disposal to buy?

How to Pick a New Garbage Disposal

  1. Identify the Right Motor Size. – The smaller the motor size, the fewer and softer the foods need to be.
  2. Identify the Best Grinding Chamber Size And Material. – Chambers in disposals with more HP will be larger, since their motors can handle more food.
  3. Extra Features.

Do all garbage disposals have power cords?

Cords are not sold with disposals and must be purchased separately. Be sure to use a grounded cord with the appropriate voltage and amperage ratings for your garbage disposal.

Are there any genuine parts for the InSinkErator?

We sell only genuine Insinkerator ® parts. This part is supplied directly from the original equipment manufacturer. The Moen replacement cartridge is designed mostly for use with tub valves. Constructed of plastic and metal, the cartridge works as an internal seal for the faucet.

Is it easy to replace an InSinkErator garbage disposal?

Our patented Quick Lock® makes it fast and simple to replace one InSinkErator garbage disposal for another. With similar plumbing rough-in dimensions, you can easily swap a Badger® disposal with ANY Badger or Evolution Series® for quick, do-it-yourself installation. We know food waste disposals best because we invented them in 1927.

Where are the InSinkErator food waste disposals located?

Headquartered in Racine, Wisconsin, InSinkErator is a business unit of Emerson and is the world’s largest manufacturer of food waste disposals. Our disposals are assembled right here in the USA with American Pride.

What can you put in an InSinkErator Evolution disposal?

It’s possible with InSinkErator Evolution Series®. All Evolution disposals are engineered with advanced technologies that help them handle more types of food waste and to make far less noise while doing it. Even tough waste like corn cobs, bones, and melon rinds are easily whisked away with Evolution.

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