What causes Thornwaldt cyst?

What causes Thornwaldt cyst?

Tornwaldt cyst or Thornwaldt cyst or Nasopharyngeal cyst represents the remnant of notochord. It is usually small and accidentally diagnosed on MRI. Large sized cyst may presents with nasal, ear or cervical symptoms. Recurrent nasopharyngeal infection and trauma are common etiological factor.

Is Thornwaldt cyst a tumor?

Tornwaldt’s cyst is a benign tumour, usually located in the midline of the posterior nasopharyngeal wall. MRI is considered the best imaging examination to diagnose this inflammatory benign cyst. It is commonly asymptomatic and requires no treatment.

What is a Thornwaldt cyst?

Thornwaldt cysts are rare and benign congenital cysts in the region of the pharyngeal bursa, formed by a communication between the notochord and the nasopharyngeal endoderm. They result from a mechanical obstruction, inflammation, or abscess of the pharyngeal bursa.

How is a Thornwaldt cyst treated?

When the lesion is large, symptomatic or close to the Eustachian tube torus, surgery by marsupialization is the treatment option. For small lesions, the endonasal approach is recommended but for large lesions, a transoral retrovelar approach using a 70 degree telescope is the method of choice.

How is a Thornwaldt cyst removed?

What kind of disease is Tornwaldt’s disease?

Tornwaldt’s disease is the inflammation or abscess of the embryonic cyst of pharyngeal bursa.

When does a Tornwaldt’s cyst turn into a disease?

This only forms cyst when the orifice partially or completely obstructed by infection. A Tornwaldt’s cyst progresses in to Tornwaldt’s disease only after infection or inflammation occurs. CT scan shows solid mass of Tornwaldt’s cyst and MRI shows glass shaped lesion with a fluid on upper part of posterior nasopharyngeal wall.

Which is the best MRI for Tornwaldt’s disease?

Among them MRI is the best for diagnosing the Tornwaldt’s cyst. Antibiotics are given to treat the infection.

Where is the Tornwaldt cyst in the nasopharynx?

CONSUMERS: Click here for the Consumer Version Tornwaldt cyst is a rare cyst in the midline of the nasopharynx that may become infected. Tornwaldt cyst is a remnant of the embryonal notochord superficial to the superior constrictor muscle of the pharynx and is covered by the mucous membrane of the nasopharynx.

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