Where do homeless go in Birmingham?

Where do homeless go in Birmingham?

People with mental health problems can contact Birmingham Mind on 0121 359 1151. Alternatively, they can contact Swanswell on 0121 633 1750, Anvil House on 0121 377 7140, Home Group on 0121 554 2251, R&J Housing on 0121 430 8331, Friendship Care & Housing on 0121 212 8451, or Trident Reach on 0121 326 7515.

How much does it cost to stay in a homeless shelter UK?

Most night shelters are free. Many provide an evening meal or breakfast at no cost or for a small charge. You have to arrive by a set time in the evening and leave in the morning. Night shelter staff or volunteers may be able to give advice on finding somewhere to live and other practical support.

How can I help the homeless in Birmingham?

Homeless Service Centre run by SIFA Fireside and Shelter This service is for vulnerable adults aged 25 and over. Housing advice is available Monday to Friday, 9am to 4pm. Welfare services (meals, showers, clothing, benefits advice, health surgeries) are available Monday to Friday, 9am to 12:45pm.

Do you have to pay to stay in a homeless shelter UK?

You don’t usually have to pay a deposit or rent in advance. You usually need to claim housing benefit to help with your rent in a hostel. You’ll need to show the hostel proof of: benefits (for example, a letter from Jobcentre Plus)

Do London homeless shelters charge?

The public can now donate directly to all 18 big homeless charities in London via a fund, rather than encouraging begging. “Homeless hostels don’t charge,” says one frustrated outreach worker. Experts are upbeat about the ambition to end rough-sleeping.

How do you feed the homeless in Birmingham?

  1. Donate Food. Whether it’s a one-off or regular donation, get in touch if you’re able to help provide meals or snacks for the homeless.
  2. Donate Supplies. We always need donations of key supplies like sleeping bags, clothing, shoes, thermals and toiletries.
  3. Donate Time.
  4. Donate Money.
  5. Signpost.

How can I get free food in Birmingham?

Free food from churches in West Midlands and Birmingham

  1. All Saints Church centre – The food bank has tinned meat, rice, fruits, formula, and other goods.
  2. St Matthew’s Church of Aston & Nechells – A charity for those families on a low income and that have had their benefits cut.
  3. B30 foodbank may have emergency boxes.

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