Does Hkust offer scholarship?

Does Hkust offer scholarship?

HKUST offers a wide range of scholarships for attracting and recruiting high caliber students with outstanding academic backgrounds from Hong Kong and around the world to pursue their undergraduate education with us. Most scholarships are nominated from Schools, Departments and/or the University Scholarship Committee.

Are there scholarships for MBA programs?

Scholarships for MBA Students. Most MBA scholarships are school-specific, meaning they’re only open to students who have been admitted to a school’s MBA program. But there are also scholarships that aren’t tied to a particular business school.

Is Hkust a good university?

HKUST was ranked No. 56 globally among 1,500 universities and No. 3 in the world’s top 400 young universities by Times Higher Education (THE) in 2021. Our Schools also fly high individually.

What is HKU famous for?

The University of Hong Kong (HKU) is renowned for its academic excellence, world-class research programmes, global connections and social impact.

Can you get a grant for an MBA?

Federal grants, subsidized loans, work-study programs, scholarships, and loan forgiveness initiatives can help reduce or even eliminate an MBA student’s out-of-pocket expenses. To secure most financial aid, you need to complete the FAFSA for MBA programs.

Who are the sponsors of the HKUST MBA program?

BCG consultant Stephanie van den Boogaard is being sponsored The flexibility of the HKUST MBA program allowed Lin Yuan to Want to get accepted into the HKUST Business School MBA?

Are there any scholarships for the MBA program?

The Merit Scholarship, covering up to 100% tuition fee, is offered to top admitted candidates who demonstrate strength in work exposure, international exposure, academic performance (strong bachelor or postgraduate degree/GMAT score), references and interview performance.

Are there any financial aid programs in Hong Kong?

If you are a Hong Kong resident, you may be eligible for a Non-Means Tested Loan provided by the Government Student Financial Assistance Agency. The maximum loan is capped at the tuition fee payable, and the loan repayment period can extend to ten years after program completion.

Who is eligible for the Jebsen MBA scholarship?

Donated by Jebsen & Co. Ltd., the Jebsen Scholarship is available to full-time MBA students who are permanent residents of mainland China or the HKSAR. Selection will be based on candidates’ academic background, work experience, and career interest. Candidates shortlisted for interviews are invited to apply.

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