Who is the MP for Chessington?

Who is the MP for Chessington?

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Kingston and Surbiton
Major settlements Kingston (part), Surbiton and Malden
Current constituency
Created 1997
Member of Parliament Ed Davey (Liberal Democrats)

Who is the MP for Richmond?

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Richmond Park
Created 1997
Member of Parliament Sarah Olney (Liberal Democrats)
Number of members One
Created from Richmond and Barnes and Kingston upon Thames

Who is in charge of Lib Dems?

Leader of the Liberal Democrats
Incumbent Sir Ed Davey since 27 August 2020
Member of Liberal Democrat frontbench team Liberal Democrats Federal Board
Appointer Liberal Democrats membership
Inaugural holder David Steel and Bob Maclennan

Why has Ed Davey got a knighthood?

He was sworn in as a member of the Privy Council of the United Kingdom on 8 February 2012, giving him the honorific title “The Right Honourable” for life. Davey was knighted in the 2016 New Year Honours for ‘political and public service’.

Where is Rishi Sunak MP of?

He has been the Member of Parliament (MP) for Richmond (Yorks) in North Yorkshire since 2015.

Where is Rishi Sunak from?

Hampshire, United Kingdom
Rishi Sunak/Place of birth

Who is Lib Dems leader 2021?

Incumbent. Sir Ed Davey The Liberal Democrats are a political party in the United Kingdom.

When did Ed Davey become MP for Surbiton?

Edward Davey was elected to the House of Commons, at his first attempt, in the 1997 general election where he defeated Richard Tracey, the sitting Conservative MP for the former constituency of Surbiton, with a majority of just 56 votes and remained the seat’s MP for 18 years.

What are the contact details for Ed Davey MP?

Constituents are requested to provide their full name, address and contact details on all communications.

When did Ed Davey become spokesman for Treasury?

In Parliament, Davey was given a job immediately by Paddy (later Lord) Ashdown and became the party’s spokesman on Treasury Affairs, adding the post of Whip in 1998, and a third job to hold as the spokesman on London from 2000. Davey was re-elected in the 2001 general election with an increased majority over former Conservative MP, David Shaw.

When did Ed Davey get suspended from Parliament?

Following Nick Clegg ‘s election as Leader of the Liberal Democrat Party, Davey was awarded the foreign affairs brief, and continued to retain his chairmanship of the party’s Campaigns and Communications Committee. On 26 February 2008, Davey was suspended from parliament for the day for ignoring a warning from the deputy speaker.

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