How do you beat Undyne the undying in one hit genocide?

How do you beat Undyne the undying in one hit genocide?

You can not beat it in one hit.

  1. The first attack is very easy and you only need to follow the order stopping the arrows to hit the green heart.
  2. The second attack is similar to the first one.
  3. The third attack is tricker and you need to calm down there.

What is the easiest way to defeat Undyne?

1 Answer. To spare Undyne, you need to survive her waves of attacks until she changes your heart back to red and throw a spear at you. Run during this turn. When you get on the overworld map, Undyne will be stunned for a moment.

How much HP does Undyne the undying have?


HP 1500 (Normal & Faux) 23000 (Undying)
AT 50 [7] (Normal) 41 [10] (Faux) 99 [12] (Undying)
DF 20 [0] (Normal) 21 [10] (Faux) 99 [5] (Undying)
EXP On Kill 500 (Normal) 1500 (Undying)

How do you beat Undyne the Undying in Undertale?

There’s not really a whole lot else to beating Undyne in a pacifist run, it’s just a case of persevering running away from the fight, like the good pacifist you are. Those are pretty much the essential tips on how to beat Undyne the Undying in Undertale. If you need more tips and tricks on the game, be sure to search for Twinfinite.

How to beat Undyne the Undying in genocide run?

How to Beat Undyne in a Genocide Run. If you’re aiming for the Genocide route, then you’ll have no choice but to kill every creature you come across in the game. Undyne the Undying is one of them, and she won’t go down without a fight. Before you even attempt to kill her, make sure you stock up on healing items first.

Is there an end to genocide in Undertale?

There is a specific neutral ending that can be only be reached by fighting Mettaton NEO without having killed every monster in Hotland/the CORE beforehand. Mettaton tells the protagonist that they were “holding back” after taking (significantly lower) damage from the protagonist, exploding after his speech.

Where are all the cheats and secrets in Undertale?

IGN’s Undertale cheats and secrets guide gives you the inside scoop into every cheat, hidden code, helpful glitch, exploit, and secret in Undertale. Once you’ve lit up all the mushrooms in the dark section in Waterfall, head on the southern path to find Temmie Village .

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