What is Clinitek Status Connect System?

What is Clinitek Status Connect System?

CLINITEK Status® Connect System simplifies wireless or wired connectivity and testing oversight in point-of care urinalysis for improved risk management. Offers flexible connectivity solutions by integrating data directly to the LIS, EMR or via point-of-care data management software solutions.

What are the key benefits of using the Siemens Clinitek device?

Improved Data Integrity

  • Analyzer along with patented test strip technology enables Auto-Checks:
  • Detects common sample interferences and makes a printed note of any potentially compromised result†
  • Checks each strip for humidity to prevent reporting of falsely elevated results.

What is Clinitek?

The CLINITEK Status®+ Analyzer is an automated point-of-care urinalysis analyzer that aids in the assessment, diagnosis, and monitoring of chronic conditions. It is the only dual-purpose point-of-care analyzer for urinalysis testing and urine hCG pregnancy testing.

Is Clinitek status waived?

Ready for connectivity to data management solutions (DMS), via a simple upgrade kit. Offers a comprehensive point-of-care urinalysis menu for routine testing, detection of early kidney disease and hCG pregnancy testing. CLIA-waived.

What is the test principle of Clinitek Status analyzer?

The Clinitek Status Analyte Clinitek Status Analyzer performs a “self test” and calibration each time it is turned on. In addition, the analyzer performs an automatic calibration each time a test is run. The white calibration bar (on the test table) provides NIST traceable calibration.

What is the test principle of Clinitek Status Analyzer?

Is the Clinitek status waived?

What is the principle of dipstick?

The dipstick test for blood is based on the peroxidase-like activity of hemoglobin. Red cells are lysed on contact with the strip, allowing free hemoglobin to catalyze the liberation of oxygen from organic peroxide. Tetramethylbenzidine is oxidized, producing a color change from orange to green-blue.

What is waived test?

Waived Testing. As defined by CLIA, waived tests are simple tests with a low risk for an incorrect result. They include: Certain tests listed in the CLIA regulations. Tests cleared by the FDA for home use.

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