Where can I find DASCO home medical equipment?

Where can I find DASCO home medical equipment?

Discover just how many ways DASCO can help you. DASCO is a family owned company, helping families in need of home medical equipment since 1987. Our home office is located in Westerville, Ohio with several branches throughout Ohio, West Virginia, Kentucky and Indiana to serve you.

What kind of tools are Dasco pro made of?

In 2018 Dasco Pro was purchased by Vaughan & Bushnell Manufacturing Co. Our hand tools are made in the USA by skilled craftsmen for construction professionals and hobbyists alike. Dasco Pro Inc. offers a broad range of forged hand tools used for carpentry, masonry, and demolition.

What do you need to know about DASCO storage cabinets?

Pages 9-11 All Dasco secure cabinets come complete with: • Bi-parting steel tambour door with secure cable • S&G 8550 Series combination lock • Internal locking mechanism • Reinforced carbide envelope for inner lock box protection • 1/2“ (1.2 cm) Interior adjustment for components 4www.dascostorage.com Secure Storage Cabinets

Who is the parent company of Dasco pro?

Dasco Pro, Inc. has been in the forged hand tools industry since 1922. Our company has been a leader of innovation, new packaging and superior technology for nearly 100 years. In 2018 Dasco Pro was purchased by Vaughan & Bushnell Manufacturing Co.

Who are the Dasco associates at Eastgate Elementary?

DASCO is into the 3rd year of coaching 12 fifth grade kids at Eastgate Elementary under the Future Possibilities Program. DASCO associate’s do one-on-one coaching with the kids each week for the entire school year. The goal of the coaching sessions is to create and achieve a goal.

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