Who will issue CCC in Malaysia?

Who will issue CCC in Malaysia?

Principal Submitting Person
1) Who is responsible for issuance of the CCC? In Malaysia, the Certificate of Completion and Compliance will be issued by a Principal Submitting Person (PSP). The PSP may be a professional architect, professional engineer or building draughtsman registered with the Board of Architects Malaysia (LAM).

What is CCC in Malaysia?

CCC stands for the certificate of completion and compliance and is a new term introduced by the Street, Drainage and Building (Amendment) Act 2007 (Amendment Act), which came into force on April 12, 2007. The CCC is meant to replace the certificate of fitness for occupation (CFO).

What is partial CCC?

Partial Certificate of Completion and Compliance (Partial CCC) The rationale of Partial CCC is to allow a partially completed part of a building to be occupied, provided that this particular ‘part’ is self-functioning and sustaining, with all the essential services and amenities serving this ‘part’ duly completed.

How do I get CCC?

Confirmation and clearance from six essential services are required to receive approval of a CCC, namely:

  1. Electricity supply.
  2. Water supply.
  3. Sewage connection (JPP)
  4. Clearance from Lifts and Machinery Department (JKKP – if applicable)
  5. Roads and drainage.
  6. Bomba clearance from fire services.

How much does a CCC cost?

CCC fees

Description Deposit
Project value $20,000 and over base fee (non-refundable, additional charges may apply) $595
Project value up to $19,999 base fee (non-refundable, additional charges may apply) $200

Is CCC required for renovation?

For a building or structure built for temporary use, then demolished or renovated for other use, is the procedure of CCC repeated for renovation? Temporary structures only need a permit from the local authority. There is no need to issue a CCC. For internal changes not affecting type of use, there is no need for CCC.

Can you sell a property without CCC?

Owning a property without any required code compliance certificate may affect the property value and your ability to sell the property. It is an offence for a developer to transfer ownership of a house without a code compliance certificate.

Can you rent a property without a CCC?

Failing to obtain building consent, and then a Code Compliance Certificate, is a breach of the law relating to building, which means that landlords who don’t comply are in breach of the Residential Tenancies Act. …

How long does a CCC last?

How long is the program? The CCC is designed as a one year, full-time program. By completing a full year of service, you gain access to the full range of opportunities, training and experiences offered by the CCC.

How to fill up the CCC form f / form F1?

In view of the above, a comprehensive guide to filling up the CCC Form F/Form F1 and Forms G1-G21 have been prepared together with samples of such completed forms. All Professional Architects are advised to refer to the above Guide and Sample Forms for guidance.

Which is the online application form for CCC?

CCC Online Form 2020: The National Institute of Electronics and Information Technology has released the Online Examination Application Form (OEAF) for CCC registration at its student portal (student.nielit.gov.in) for July 2021 exam cycle as well as various exam courses.

Which is the application fee for CCC 2021?

Along with the CCC exam form 2021, you will have to pay Rs. 500 as the application fee. Read the complete article for more information on CCC 2021 online form such as steps to apply, details to be mentioned, etc. Check the dates in the following table.

How to fill CCC online form in NIELIT?

The stepwise procedure for filling the CCC examination form is as follows: – 1st Step – Visit the official student portal of NIELIT, that is, student.nielit.gov.in. – 2nd Step – Click on the button reading ‘Apply Online’. – 3rd Step – Choose the course, that is, CCC. – 4th Step – Read the


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