How do I get my vape tank unstuck?

How do I get my vape tank unstuck?

Vape Tank Stuck on Mod

  1. Power off the device.
  2. Remove batteries where possible. Some devices may not be designed to have batteries removed.
  3. Figure out if your mod is broken. If the mod is broken, that may explain how your tank became stuck.
  4. If the mod is intact, try a better grip.
  5. Prepare to replace some parts.

How do you remove tanks from Mod?

If you are using a mech mod, you can remove the batteries and soak the mod and tank in warm water mixed with vinegar. This helps clean off dried ejuice as well.

How do you remove a Smok tank?

How To Disassemble & Clean Any SMOK Vape Tank

  1. Its recommended that you remove the vape tank from the battery mod.
  2. Now you will need to disassemble the SMOK vape tank.
  3. Pull the top part from the glass.
  4. Unscrew the coil in the bottom head anticlockwise to remove it.
  5. Place all the metal parts into the water.

How do I remove atomizer from Mod?

On a mesh, that isn’t going to be easy if you can’t get it off with pliers. Try removing the coil, then sticking a pair of fine blade screwdrivers in the attachment slots. Then take a larger screwdriver between them to use as a lever.

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Put the tank in the freezer for 10-20 minutes, the cold temperature will make the parts contract and easier to loosen. We know a stuck vape tank can be very frustrating, and even tempt you into a rage.

How do you fix the atomizer on a mod?


  1. Clean all contacts on battery/mod, tank or pod.
  2. Remove and reinstall the coil (after cleaning)
  3. Try a new coil.
  4. Check the 510 pin and see if you can adjust it (mods/tanks)
  5. Try another tank on your mod.
  6. Try another mod with your tank.
  7. Adjust base of coil carefully if you can (mainly sub-Ohm coils)

Why is the bottom of my Smok tank stuck?

Bottom of my Smok Tank stuck to Mod and won’t come off. Just keeps spinning when I turn it. Need help! I have Smok Alien mod with a TFV8 Big Baby beast tank. I’ve only had the Big Baby beast for about 2 weeks, just revently upgrading from the smaller Baby Beast that came with the Mod.

What kind of tank does Smok alien have?

I have Smok Alien mod with a TFV8 Big Baby beast tank. I’ve only had the Big Baby beast for about 2 weeks, just revently upgrading from the smaller Baby Beast that came with the Mod. I noticed something odd today, the Tank read the coil at 0 OHM’s and wouldn’t fire so I took everything off to clean it then screwed the base back on.

What should I do if my vape tank is stuck?

Remember that the stuck position means your vape could theoretically still draw power and that your battery could take damage from your un-sticking maneuvers. So the very first thing you should do if your tank is stuck to the lower half of the pen or mod is to drop the batteries out, if possible.

What to do if your tank gets stuck?

Use some muscle 🙂 I like to use a tank band/vape band (not sure what their called) and pliers when a tank gets stuck too tight. You got to be careful though or you’ll strip the finish or crack the glass. Get a rubber band and put it around the base of your tank.

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