How big is the HiFi Woofer on a visaton?

How big is the HiFi Woofer on a visaton?

17 cm (6.5″) HiFi woofer with coated paper cone, powerful drive and extended rear pole plate. Special voice-coil and elastic rubber surround for long strokes.

Where can I use a visaton loudspeaker in my home?

Whether in public transport, hospitals, on ships or in medical technology – whether indoors or out: the potential applications of VISATON loudspeakers are as varied as our customers themselves.

Is the W 170 a full range loudspeaker?

The FRS 8 – 8 Ohm full-range loudspeaker is remarkably detailed in its output: even the higher frequencies are reproduced accurately and with clear focus. Complemented by the W 170 S – 8 Ohm woofer, this combination covers almost the full range of frequencies required.

Who is the sound engineer for visaton cabs?

VISATON development engineer Robin Lindner explains in an interview what factors are most important when it comes to providing sound systems for these small cabs and how he advises the industry. Enjoying the best sound while on holiday – something that people travelling in a motor home do not want to do without.

Why did visaton come up with the name visaton?

This is why both industrial and private customers worldwide have trusted the VISATON name for over 50 years. Individual requirements are our speciality. What this means is that we are in a position to adapt our speakers to match all ambient conditions.

What makes the W 170 S-8 ohm so good?

The combination of universal full-range FRS 8 – 8 Ohm loudspeaker and W 170 S – 8 Ohm woofer stands out because of its unbelievable level accuracy. The fact that the separating frequency is at a very low 200 Hz benefits the STELLA LIGHT ‘s positioning accuracy and generates an image of the stage that easily earns the “live” label.

What kind of woofer does a VIB 170 use?

The VIB 170 AL is a slim-line 2-band column speaker using an AL 170 – 8 Ohm woofer and a 25 mm, G 25 FFL – 8 Ohm textile dome tweeter. The 34 litre bass reflex cabinet produces a remarkably deep lower limiting frequency of only 25 Hz, but maintains its powerful, precise bass reproduction.

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