What kind of beer is Shiner Bock?

What kind of beer is Shiner Bock?

dark lager
Spoetzl Brewery is a brewery located in Shiner, Texas, U.S. It produces a diverse line of Shiner Beers, including their flagship Shiner Bock, a dark lager that is now distributed countrywide.

Is Shiner Bock A strong beer?

Brewed since 1913, Shiner Bock, perhaps in competition with Lone Star Lager, may be the official beer of Texas. The style of this beer is a bit continuous because Bocks are strong German-style lagers. Shiner Bock weighing in at a svelte 4.4% ABV is out-of-bounds for Bocks, which bottom out at 6.3%.

How much is Shiner Bock worth?

But within that niche market, Shiner Bock represented 93 percent of sales over the last year, according to an analysis of industry data by the Brewers Association. The bock market is worth around $94 million per year, Watson estimates.

What is the alcohol content of Shiner Bock?

4.4 percent
Shiner Bock, the company’s No. 1 brand (it accounts for about 75 percent of sales), contains one-third corn grits, says Mauric. This is a bock in the American sense of a dark lager, rather than the German meaning of a strong lager. (At 4.4 percent alcohol by volume, it’s less potent than a Budweiser.)

What kind of beer is Shiner Bock Beer?

Shiner Bock reviews as the flagship alcoholic beverage of Spoetzel Brewery. The first-class brewing company in the world has brought in the dark lager Shiner Bock for the A-rated alcohol experience. Shiner Bock beer contains an exquisite taste which is wildly celebrated in the United States.

Which is the best beer in Shiner Texas?

Shiner Bock has become the flagship of the Spoetzl Brewery in Shiner, Texas. They produce many other fine beers, but Shiner Bock is the best-known of the lot. The brewery is also not shy about claiming to be the ‘oldest independent brewery in Texas.’.

Is there a gluten free alternative to Shiner Bock?

If yes, Shiner Bock is not an alternative for you. Shiner Bock contains barley malts and hops. Although, Shiner bock is known as wheat-free beer. However, consumers must not take it for a gluten-free alcohol drink. Other ingredients in Shiner Bock may have gluten qualities.

Who is the founder of Shiner Brewing Association?

The brewery was founded as the Shiner Brewing Association in 1909 by German and Czech immigrants with a desire for beer from the old country.

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