What does a Q6 modifier mean?

What does a Q6 modifier mean?

locum tenens arrangement
Submit HCPCS modifier Q6 to indicate that services were provided under a locum tenens arrangement. Locum Tenens Background. Physicians may retain substitute physicians to take over their professional practices when they are absent for reasons such as illness, pregnancy, vacation or continuing medical education.

What is modifier Q5 and Q6?

Use Q5 when there is a reciprocal billing arrangement and use Q6 when there is a fee-for-time compensation arrangement. Medicare has some specific rules about the time involved so be aware of individual payer policies and their time requirements.

Is the Q6 modifier only for Medicare?

Medicare permits billing under the Q6 modifier on behalf of a physician who has left a practice for a period of no more than 60 days. The same rules apply as above.

Is Q6 a payment modifier?

Regular physician identifies services as substitute physician services with modifier Q6 (services furnished by a fee-for-time compensation arrangement physician).

When should Q6 modifier be used?

The Q6 modifier allows for a maximum billing of sixty (60) continuous days. The only exception to this is when the regular physician is on active military duty, in which case the restriction is waived and the Q6 modifier can be used for a longer period of time.

What does Q6 mean in HCPCS code modifier?

The regular physician identifies the services as substitute physician services meeting the requirements of this section by entering HCPCS code modifier Q6 (services furnished by a locum tenens physician) after the procedure code.

When to use the locums Q6 and Q5 modifier?

If you’re located in a very underserved area or part of a specialty that provides unique services to the region, it’s possible that the payer will grant you permission to bill using a locums modifier.

What does Q6 mean on Medicare claim form?

The claim form will make clear the regular (absent) physician’s name and ID numbers, either as a solo practitioner or within a group practice, but the Q6 modifier alerts Medicare that another physician is covering for this doctor.

When to use the Q5 modifier in Medicare?

This is used for reciprocal billing under the same EIN. It is used when a physician covers for another physician within the same group. Modifier Q5 is entered after the procedure code in 24d. Both providers must be enrolled in Medicare. Here is an example of when this would be used:

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