Where is the four wheel drive control module?

Where is the four wheel drive control module?

The transfer case control module is located on the driver side dash, on the steering column. As I have explained, the TCCM oversees the shifting in the 4WD vehicle system operation.

Where is the computer module on a 2002 Ford Explorer?

It is below the seat belt mechanism. You have to pull out the top plastic panel off, then loosen the lower panel to be able to see the face of the computer module. The code is on a sticker on the face of the module.

How do you turn off 4X4 on a Ford Explorer?

To turn off the 4×4 operation of your ford explorer, hold the button down for 5 seconds to deactivate it. To turn if off completely, press the button for several seconds and you will get the message: stability-control system disabled.

Where is the computer module on a 2004 Ford Explorer?

The location of it in the 2004 Explorer is behind the dashboard to the left of the radio. You will need to remove the radio to access it.

Where is the computer module on a 2003 Ford Explorer?

Where’s the computer module located on a 2003 ford explorer sport 4x4some 1 Answer. Someone said passenger side on firewall. Is on the engine side or on the inside of car.

What is 4X4 auto on a Ford Explorer?

Ford Explorers are always in 4 wheel drive, If you push the 4X4 auto it is in it’s standard running mode. In other words 4 wheel drive on demand. T use 4 wheel drive you don,t need to do anything. 4X4 high & 4X4 low are explained in your owners manual.

How do you use a 4X4 in a 2020 Ford Explorer?

If you are traveling in two-wheel-drive, 4X4 auto or 4X4 high, you must come to a complete stop first. You must then shift the transmission to neutral, then push the 4X4 low button. When the “4X4 LOW” light illuminates on the dashboard, your are ready to continue in 4X4 low.

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