Can I use any primer for Warhammer?

Can I use any primer for Warhammer?

Yes! Some game companies make colored primers that you can use as your basecoat color. If you’re painting a company of Warhammer 40k Space Marines in the Ultramarine Chapter, for example, there is a perfectly matched Citadel blue-colored primer you can use to prime and paint your base colors in a single spray session.

Can you paint miniatures without primer?

You can paint fine without priming.

Do you need primer for Warhammer?

The undercoat (or primer) is necessary because it will make your paint stick much better to the plastic and it will create a more even surface for you when you paint. No matter what colour you are going to paint on white primer, it will require very few layers to get the actual colour you are looking for.

What is the best primer for miniatures?

Best Spray Primer For Miniatures

  • The Army Painter Acrylic Undercoat Spray for Miniature Painting. On top of our list is this acrylic undercoat spray from The Army Painter!
  • Games Workshop Citadel Spray Paint.
  • Rust-Oleum Painter’s Touch Primer.
  • Krylon COLORmaxx Spray Paint.
  • TAMIYA TAM87042 Surface Primer.

Is there a cheaper alternative to GW spray primers?

I use the wal mart brand of white, grey and black primers/ spray paints for 97 cents too, never had any problems with them blobing or destroying details. Subject: Cheaper alternative to GW spray primers? I had some bad experience with the $.97 stuff on high humidity days (Lawrence, KS and Chicago, IL summers).

Which is better GW primer or duplicolor primer?

Duplicolor makes a good primer in multiple colors. It has never fuzzed on me in those same environments, and now in a drier Denver, CO climate. About the only issue is that it takes about 30-45 minutes longer than the GW stuff to dry to the touch, unless you are 85+ degrees out.

What kind of primer do you use for Citadel paint?

Best alternative primer for Citadel Contrast Color Paint? The typical primer that Games Workshop suggests that you use is their Grey Seer Spray Primer . The look you get with Citadel Contrast Color paint using this spray primer is optimized for Warhammer plastic miniatures.

What kind of primer do you use to paint miniatures?

In comparing different primers to paint miniatures and models, you might be wondering why you need a primer. A primer is a substance you use to coat an unpainted surface to prepare it for subsequent layers of modeling paint. Vallejo Surface Primer – a great primer for nearly any miniature painting project.

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