Where is Schlumberger headquarters address?

Where is Schlumberger headquarters address?

Houston, Texas, United States

How do I contact Schlumberger?

Connect with Us Register and submit your query or call 1-877-9AskHR9 (1-877-927-5479). For international alumni, call +971 4 274 2200 or e-mail [email protected] For information on employment or reemployment with Schlumberger, visit our Careers site.

Where does Schlumberger operate geographically?

Schlumberger manages its business through 35 GeoMarket regions, which are grouped into four geographic areas: North America, Latin America, Europe & Africa, Russia, Middle East and Asia.

What nationality is Schlumberger?


Type Public
Founded 1926 (as Electric Prospecting Company) Paris, France
Founders Conrad Schlumberger Marcel Schlumberger
Headquarters Principal executive offices: Paris, France Houston, Texas, U.S. London, UK The Hague, Netherlands; Legal domicile: Willemstad, Curaçao, Kingdom of the Netherlands

Where is the main office of Schlumberger located?

Schlumberger Limited (Main Office) 5599 San Felipe, 17th floor Houston, TX 77056 (713) 513-2000. Schlumberger Limited – Schlumberger Cambridge Research Center (Main Office) High Cross Madingley Road CambridgeCB3 0EL, United Kingdom +44 (0)1223 315576.

What kind of company is Schlumberger Wireline and testing?

From Business: Schlumberger Wireline & Testing is a division of Schlumberger, which is one of the leading companies in the world that providers oil field services. The company… 3.

When is the new support menu for Schlumberger?

New menu as of 11th January 2021. Welcome to Schlumberger Support. To direct your call to the right Support Team, please select from the following three options: To hear these options again, press the star (*) key. Thank you for selecting Software Support services.

What does Schlumberger do for oil and gas?

Start exploring for oil and gas with the GAIA digital subsurface platform. Driving higher levels of performance with digital solutions. Schlumberger hosted a conference call to discuss full-year and fourth-quarter 2019 results. Schlumberger is always focused on safety. Learn about our virus outbreak management plan and explore helpful resources.

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