Does James get a girlfriend BTR?

Does James get a girlfriend BTR?

James has a list of goals he wants to do before he turns 20, even though in real life he is 21. He is also currently the only member of the group to not be romantically linked to anyone. However, he developed a crush on Lucy Stone in Big Time Rocker. James and Lucy finally become a couple in Big Time Dreams.

Does James have a crush on Katie?

Katie is laughing when James crashes through the wall. Katie may still have a crush on James. This is the seventh episode with a subplot between James and Katie.

Do James and Camille date in Big Time Rush?

Camille Roberts
Relationships: Logan Mitchell (boyfriend) James Diamond (one kiss) Steve (one date)
Other Information
Interests: Acting, dancing & modelling
Education: Palm Woods School

How old is Katie Big Time Rush 2021?

Ciara Quinn Bravo
Gender: Female
Age: 24
Born: March 18, 1997
Character: Katie Knight

How old is Katie Big Time Rush Season 4?

After Kendall Schmidt got the part the producer changed the script replaced 16-year-old “Katie” and Mrs. Knight.

Why did Camille and James kiss?

James and Camille have a hard time telling Logan that they kissed because both the pairings Lomille and Jagan get at stake.

Who are the girlfriends in Big Time Rush?

Meanwhile, Gustavo tries to set up Carlos with his first girlfriend, and Kendall and Jo try to balance their hectic schedules so they can see each other. James helps Camille run lines for an audition and they end up kissing!

How old is James from Big Time Rush?

23-year-old James Maslow was born on July 16, 1990 in New York City to Cathy Burge Maslow and Mike Maslow, James has one brother Philip and a half-sister Ali Thorn.

Where was James Maslow from Big Time Rush born?

James Maslow. On 16-7-1990 James Maslow (nickname: James David Maslow) was born in New York City, New York, USA. He made his 0.5 million dollar fortune with Big Time Rush.

Who was Sasha on Big Time Rush with?

The episode aired on October 11 2010. Carlos is on the hunt for a potential girlfriend but isn’t having much luck. While trying to figure out the problem a mystery girl literally bumps into him at Palmwoods Park. It turns out that she’s a hockey player who happens to like corn dogs and introduces herself as Sasha.

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