What food is Valle D Aosta known for?

What food is Valle D Aosta known for?

Here are 7 typical dishes you have absolutely to try in your skiing holiday in Valle d’Aosta.

  • The typical dish of Valle d’Aosta: fondue.
  • Polenta concia.
  • Vapelenentse soup.
  • Valdostana ribs.
  • Suede Civet.
  • Valdostan sweet tegole.
  • Valdostan coffee.

What is the population of Valle D Aosta 2021?


Name Province Population Estimate 2021-01-01
Aosta Valle d’Aosta 33,409
Aosta 33,409 Population [2021] – Estimate 21.37 km² Area 1,563/km² Population Density [2021] -0.22% Annual Population Change [2011 → 2021]

What makes the food in Valle d Aosta so unique?

Read on for more information on what makes the ingredients, flavours and dishes of Valle d’Aosta so unique. Of all the ingredients and food products found throughout Valle d’Aosta, Fontina cheese is the most prized.

What to do after dinner in Aosta Valley?

Usually after dinner the locals present you with an original proposal: the Cup of Friendship – magnificent work of art of carved wood, where they serve the typical Aosta Valley coffee, mixed with brandy and génépy.

How tall are the vines in Aosta Valley?

With the region’s micro-climate allowing vines to grow up to 3,937 feet, any first time visitor to the Aosta Valley will be stunned with the quality of wine on offer with over 20 wines being designated as originating from the valley including Donnas and Blanc de Morgex et de la Salle.

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