How do you put a school project on your resume?

How do you put a school project on your resume?

This is how to add a projects section to your resume:Give it the title Key Projects and add it as the last section of your resume, after your skills section.Write a single sentence showing off an impressive project win.Use the PAR formula, action words and accomplishment statements.

How do you write current work in CV?

So, you need to make sure you’re formatting it right and it’s easy for the HR manager to skim through it. Here’s how you can do that: First, stick to the following work experience order: job title, position, company name, description, location, achievements, responsibilities, dates employed.

What are Leverageable skills?

Soft skills are the essential interpersonal skills that make or break our ability to get things done. Topping this year’s list are creativity, collaboration, persuasion, and emotional intelligence—all skills that demonstrate how you work with others and bring new ideas to the table.

Is reading a transferable skill?

As far as we know and experience, reading and writing skills are quite transferable skills from L1 to L2 during learning.

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