What type of dog is total from maximum ride?

What type of dog is total from maximum ride?

Scottish terrier
Total is a short, Scottish terrier-like dog with black fur. Angel picks him up from a lab in the Instiutute in New York City. Max and Fang reluctantly agree to let him stay with the flock.

Will there be a 10th Maximum Ride book?

10 Paperback – Dec 23 2025.

Is there a second Maximum Ride movie?

Are you still waiting for the Maximum Ride 2 movie to be released? then we have bad news for you, the sequel was canceled and so far there are no plans to make a reboot of this series.

Will there be a maximum Ride 2 movie?

Who is Phoenix in maximum ride?

Phoenix, nicknamed Fifi and Ninja Nix, is the child of Max and Fang born at the end of Maximum Ride Forever. She is also almost 5 years old. Like her parents, she is a human-avian hybrid with wings. She is seen to be agile and smart, although exactly what abilities she inherited from her parents are currently unknown.

Is the Maximum Ride movie on Netflix?

Sorry, Maximum Ride is not available on American Netflix, but you can unlock it right now in the USA and start watching! With a few simple steps you can change your Netflix region to a country like Pakistan and start watching Pakistani Netflix, which includes Maximum Ride.

Who are the actors in the movie Maximum Ride?

Cast (in credits order) Allie Marie Evans Max Patrick Johnson Fang Lyliana Wray Angel Luke Gregory Crosby Ari Gavin Lewis Gazzy

What kind of vision does Max have in Max Ride?

Max like the rest of the Flock can move pretty fast and have enhanced speed and reflexes. Max has enhanced vision describing it as a hawk eye vision and can see from miles away than normal humans and also developed the ability of enhanced smell, such as when she smelled her flock members in Itex with Maya.

How tall is Max from Maximum Ride in feet?

Max is the flock’s leader, and the eldest of all six children; she is four months older than Fang and six months older than Iggy. Like the rest of the flock, Max is tall for her age and has strong lungs with air sacs and light bones. Her wingspan is thirteen feet, and are presumbly hawk wings.

How to download Max the dog best friend?

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