When did Delaunay open?

When did Delaunay open?

The backstory The Delaunay opened in 2011, the follow-up act to iconic sister site The Wolseley on Piccadilly which had already been wooing diners for eight years by then. The pedigree of its founders, Chris Corbin and Jeremy King goes much further back, though.

Who owns the Delaunay?

The group — which is run by restaurateurs Chris Corbin and Jeremy King, and includes iconic restaurants The Wolseley, The Delaunay and Brasserie Zédel — is being bought by Minor Hotels, a Thai-based company with over 150 properties worldwide.

Who owns Fischers Restaurant?

Chris Corbin and Jeremy King, who made Le Caprice and the Ivy magnificent, and now own the Wolseley, Delaunay, Brasserie Zedel and Colbert – each magisterial – have here created a chapter from Mitteleurope’s finest hour.

Who owns Corbin and King?

Chris Corbin and Jeremy King have been partners in business for nearly 40 years. Together, the pair have created some of London’s most iconic restaurants. Along with their most recent opening, Soutine, in St John’s Wood, they continue to make a significant contribution to the hospitality industry.

Do you have to dress up for high tea?

While most high tea events don’t have a specific dress code, take our advice and skip the work attire and anything more suited to a nightclub or bar. Instead, this dainty social occasion is the perfect excuse to pop on a dress or swishy skirt and top. The aim is to look pretty, polished and relaxed.

Who is Jeremy King?

Jeremy King was born in Somerset in 1954 and educated at Christ’s Hospital. He initially pursued a career in merchant banking but gave that up to go into catering, becoming Searcy’s youngest ever manager at the age of 21.

What restaurants does Jeremy King own?

Jeremy King, joint architect of London institutions The Wolseley, The Delaunay, Brasserie Zedel, and more, has fired another volley of criticism in the government’s direction over its approach to the hospitality world during the novel coronavirus pandemic.

What is the Wolseley famous for?

Renowned today for its spectacular interior, classic food and seamless service, The Wolseley has earned its reputation as one of London’s most respected all-day café-restaurants, becoming an iconic institution the world over.

How often is the Delaunay in Aldwych open?

The Delaunay is open seven days a week and serves breakfast, brunch, lunch, afternoon tea, pre-theatre and dinner. The restaurant is located in Aldwych, six minutes’ walk from Temple or Covent Garden tube station.

What kind of food is at the Delaunay?

Inspired by the grand cafés of Mittel-Europe, The Delaunay is an all-day café-restaurant from Corbin & King; the team behind The Wolseley. The Delaunay Counter is a traditional Viennese café, offering pastries, cakes, sandwiches, soups and salads, to eat in or take away.

How big is the dining room at the Delaunay?

Complementing the elegance of the main restaurant, our Private Dining Room can comfortably seat up to 12 guests. In the heart of London’s theatreland, The Delaunay is perfectly located for enjoying a meal before or after a matinée or evening show.

Who are the owners of the Delaunay in London?

Inspired by the grand cafés of Mittel-Europe, The Delaunay is an all-day café-restaurant from Corbin & King; the team behind The Wolseley.

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