Who wrote this time I know its for real?

Who wrote this time I know its for real?

Donna Summer
Mike StockMatt AitkenPete Waterman
This Time I Know It’s for Real/Composers

Who is Donna Summer married to?

Bruce Sudanom. 1980–2012
Helmuth Sommerm. 1973–1976
Donna Summer/Spouse

What nationality is Donna Summer?

Donna Summer/Nationality

Donna Summer, original name LaDonna Adrian Gaines, (born December 31, 1948, Boston, Massachusetts, U.S.—died May 17, 2012, Naples, Florida), American singer-songwriter considered the “Queen of Disco” but also successful in rhythm and blues, dance music, and pop.

When was this time I know its for real released?

This Time I Know It’s for Real/Released

What age is Donna Summer?

63 years (1948–2012)
Donna Summer/Age at death

What year was Donna Summer this time?

Did Donna Summers wear a wig?

At age 7 she accidentally cut a large gash in her cheek on a kitchen chair her father was repairing. It left a scar that for the entirety of her childhood made her feel ugly and insecure. She wore wigs trying to hide it.

When did Donna Summer release this time I know it’s for real?

“This Time I Know It’s for Real” is a song originally recorded by Donna Summer and released in 1989 as the first single from her album Another Place and Time.

Where did Donna Summer Live as a child?

Early Life Donna Summer was born Donna Adrian Gaines on December 31, 1948, in Boston, Massachusetts. Her father, Andrew Gaines, was a butcher and her mother, Mary Gaines, was a schoolteacher. From nearly the moment she learned how to talk, Donna sang ceaselessly. “From the time she was little, that’s all she really did,” her mother recalled.

Who is the original singer of this time I know I know it’s for real?

Song This Time I Know It’s for Real Artist Donna Summer Album Greatest – Donna Summer Writers Pete Waterman, Donna Summer, Matt Aitken, Mike Stock Licensed to YouTube by

What was Donna Summer’s first No 1 album?

Summer’s 1978 live album, entitled Live and More, became her first to reach No. 1 on the Billboard album charts and likewise featured her first No. 1 single in “MacArthur Park.”


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