How many 1968 Dodge Darts were made?

How many 1968 Dodge Darts were made?

“In 1968, a total of 8,295 GTS coupes and hardtops were built, of which 2,112 were constructed with the 383.

How much is a 1968 Hemi Dart worth?

Norm’s-delivered Super Stock Hemi Dart sells for $125,000. 1968 Dodge Hemi Dart Lighweight. Photos by Justin Shaffer, courtesy Mecum Auctions.

How many 69 Dodge Darts were made?

PRODUCTION Dodge manufactured 5,902 examples of the Dart GTS for the 1969 model year, of which 1,272 were two-door hardtops equipped with the engine, divided between 488 automatics and 784 four-speeds.

How fast was the 68 Hemi Dart?

Dodge engineers designed the Hemi Dart to reach 130 miles per hour in under 11 seconds, and dish out quarter mile times in the high 10-second range, but many racers were able to achieve even better results almost immediately.

What is a Hemi Cuda?

Introduced in 1970, the Hemi ‘Cuda featured a 426 cubic inch (7.0-litre) V8 making 425bhp, and was good for 0-60mph in 5.6 seconds. The model was withdrawn in 1971 after just 115 examples had been sold, because Plymouth didn’t want to strangle its legendary Hemi V8 to meet new emissions regulations.

Are there any 1968 Dodge Dart GTS for sale?

See for yourself! This sleek Blue 1968 Dodge Super Bee For Sale is equipped with a 383 CID V8 and a 3 Speed Automatic and is ready to hit the road for just $62,000 ~ Read More… Sensational Black 1968 Dodge Coronet 500 Convertible For Sale has a solid 440 CID V8 under the hood and a 4 Speed Manual transmission ~ Read More…

What was top speed of 1968 Dodge Dart?

The Dart never got anywhere near the area of the market governed by Dodge’s Charger, but that’s also what saw it gather a different kind of fanbase that wanted enjoyable performance for a reduced MSRP.

What does the hood look like on a 1968 Dodge Dart?

The hood features the GTS lettering in the middle in chromed letters. Towards the windshield, the hood bulges and four rectangular inlets open on both sides. The outer edge of the inlets is chromed while the inside is colored in red, supposedly to underline the ’fire-breathing’ nature of the Dart GTS.

What did the GT stand for on a Dodge Dart?

It gathered together the B-Body Charger R/T and Coronet R/T alongside the Dart GTS – GTS standing for GT Sport – which were branded as the “the cars with the bumblebee stripes”.

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