Who is Primus in the Transformers?

Who is Primus in the Transformers?

Primus is the “benevolent” godlike entity in the fictional Transformers comic universe who fought against the Chaos-Bringer Unicron. The Lord of the Light, Primus is the being who created the Transformers to help him defeat Unicron.

Who are Primus and Unicron?

Primus is the living creator-God of the Transformer race, whose body became the planet Cybertron. Primus is the twin brother of Unicron, his eternal foe, whom he battled for eons before going into stasis.

Is rung a Primus?

In the final battle, they learn that Rung is in fact Primus himself, having suffered amnesia long ago due to the actions of his fellow Guiding Hand member, Adaptus.

How did Primus defeat Unicron?

Primus had defeated Unicron at the dawn of time by trapping them both within asteroids on the physical plane. Primus then reshaped his own body into Cybertron, before creating the Transformer species and imbuing them with a portion of his divine essence through the Matrix of Leadership.

Who is stronger Primus or Unicron?

Unfortunately, Unicron was stronger than his brother Primus. In order to gain the upper hand, Primus created the 13 original primes, led by Prima. In order to hide from Unicron and protect his Transformers creations, Primus transformed into Cybertron itself and his essence is contained in the planet’s core.

Who killed Primus?

Primus was killed by Orcus during the demon lord’s quest to become a deity. Even after being replaced by one of his secundi, the mind of the previous Primus remained present in the multiverse in the form of a vestige.

Where did Primus come from in Transformers 1?

Primus was created at the beginning of the very universe itself by the One. However, the scale had to be balanced, which resulted in the creation of Unicron, the destroyer. The two brothers battled on a deserted cyber world for ages.

Who is primus the twin brother of Unicron?

Primus is the twin brother of Unicron, his eternal foe, whom he battled for eons before going into stasis. Primus also created the Thirteen, the first Primes, to defeat his evil twin brother and cast Unicron into deep space.

Who was the first transformer in Transformers 1?

Prima (aka Prima Prime) is the first Transformer. Created by Primus, he was appointed the Warrior of Light and given the legendary Star Saber sword with the Matrix of Leadership in its hilt. Chosen to lead the Thirteen against their eternal enemy Unicron, he and the rest of the Thirteen were made stewards of Primus’ planetary form, Cybertron .

Who is primus in the Omniversal battlefield?

An ancient and ethereal being whose origins date back to the beginnings of the universe itself, Primus is a multiversal force for good, his life force existing across multiple realities and infinite alternate universes. In each one, he is the final defense against his fallen sibling, Unicron the Chaos-Bringer.

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