Can you watch fireworks after LASIK?

Can you watch fireworks after LASIK?

And more than 80 percent of patients ultimately achieve 20/20 visual acuity for the long term. So, laser eye surgery will get you ready to enjoy that upcoming Fourth of July fireworks show.

Is smoke bad after LASIK?

Eye Irritation and Other Smoking Side Effects Your eyes will be particularly sensitive after LASIK, and the smoke from cigars and cigarettes can be extremely irritating. This can cause your eyes to water or, if you experience dry eye after surgery, can lead to severe discomfort of the eyes.

Can I drink alcohol after LASIK?

No (alcoholic) drinks allowed Don’t plan any parties the day after LASIK, because you shouldn’t drink for 2 days after as well. But it’s not only the kind of alcohol you ingest that you need to watch out for. To be safe, avoid any styling products like hairspray and mousse, as well as perfumes and colognes.

How long do I have to wait to smoke after LASIK?

If you have decided to get LASIK, you should stop smoking a few weeks before surgery. For the best results, continue not smoking for four to six weeks after LASIK. Patients who stop smoking during this time are allowing their eyes to be at their healthiest.

How Safe Is LASIK 2021?

All surgeries carry some risk of complications and side effects, but LASIK is generally considered a safe procedure with a low complication rate. In fact, LASIK is one of the safest elective surgical procedures available today, with a complication rate estimated to be less than 1%.

Where can I get LASIK eye surgery in Chicago?

At Chicago Cornea Consultants, we do more than just treat vision impairment. We offer comprehensive eye care services in multiple offices throughout the Chicago area including Higland Park and Hoffman Estates. LASIK eye surgery is a procedure that is designed to reduce your dependency on eyeglasses and contact lenses.

What do you need to know about LASIK eye surgery?

LASIK eye surgery is a procedure that is designed to reduce your dependency on eyeglasses and contact lenses. Here at Chicago Cornea Consultants, our LASIK surgeons and eye doctors use the latest in laser vision correction technology to ensure each patient receives optimal results.

Who is the doctor at sharpevision modern LASIK?

SharpeVision MODERN LASIK “ Dr. Sharpe, Dr. Ganesh and Marina were all incredibly attentive and wonderful and made sure I was comfortable. ” In 19 reviews 9. Custom Eyes

Who is the eye doctor at Lincoln Square?

Lincoln Square Eyecare – Mariam Ethezaz, OD “ Dr. Phan gave me three different options for contacts, one of which was a brand new technology that I was very interested in. ” In 2 reviews 17. Family Eye Physicians “ I was there for a simple eye exam, but my wife had to go back a for couple more follow up visits. ” In 2 reviews 18.

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