What are three themes in Antigone?

What are three themes in Antigone?

Themes in Antigone

  • Theme #1. Blindness. Blindness in a real or metaphorical sense is the major theme of various Grecian plays.
  • Theme #2. Natural Law.
  • Theme #3. Political and Family Loyalty.
  • Theme #4. Pride or Arrogance.
  • Theme #5. Feminine Elements.
  • Theme #6. Civil Disobedience.
  • Theme #7. Free Will and Fate.
  • Theme #8. Threat of Tyranny.

Is Antigone Oedipus daughter?

Antigone, in Greek legend, the daughter born of the unwittingly incestuous union of Oedipus and his mother, Jocasta. Antigone, moved by love for her brother and convinced of the injustice of the command, buried Polyneices secretly.

How is Antigone caught burying Polyneices?

Antigone defies the law, buries her brother, and is caught. When Creon locks her away in prison, she kills herself. Under Creon’s decree, the punishment for burying Polynices is death by stoning.

What did Antigone fear?

Creon is so earnest about preventing Polynices’ burial that he has announced that anyone who tries to bury Polynices will be stoned to death. Hence, Ismene fears for Antigone’s life because Antigone tells her that she intends to bury their brother.

Why is Antigone put to death in the play ‘Antigone’?

In the play, Antigone is sentenced to death by her uncle, King Creon, for the crime of burying her brother, Polynices. Polynices had been killed during an attempt to take Thebes from his brother,…

What is the plot summary of ‘ Antigone ‘?

The basic plot of Antigone is that there is a civil war in Thebes between two families who want to rule it. The result is that Creon becomes king. He decrees that no one from the losing side of the war is to be buried.

Is “Antigone” a tragic play?

Antigone is a tragic Sophoclean play, which portray two great examples for a tragic hero. I believe Creon and Antigone, the main characters of the play to be tragic heroes. A tragic hero is a character who is known for being dignified and has a flaw that assists to his or her downfall.

What happens in the story of Antigone?

Antigone, in Greek legend, the daughter born of the unwittingly incestuous union of Oedipus and his mother, Jocasta . After her father blinded himself upon discovering that Jocasta was his mother and that, also unwittingly, he had slain his father, Antigone and her sister Ismene served as Oedipus’ guides, following him from Thebes into exile until his death near Athens.

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