What element dragon is 1988?

What element dragon is 1988?

Earth Dragon
Years and the Five Elements

Start date End date Heavenly branch
17 February 1988 5 February 1989 Earth Dragon
5 February 2000 23 January 2001 Metal Dragon
23 January 2012 9 February 2013 Water Dragon
10 February 2024 28 January 2025 Wood Dragon

What star sign is 23 March?

If you are born between March 17 to March 23, then you were born on the Pisces-Aries Cusp. Pisces is the last and Aries is the first zodiac sign in the astrological chart.

What animal am I if I was born in 1988?

Year of the Dragon
Years of the Dragon: 1928, 1940, 1952, 1964, 1976, 1988, 2000, 2012, and 2024. The Dragon is the fifth of the 12 Chinese zodiac animals.

Is 2021 a lucky year for Dragon?

Overall Luck: According to Dragon fortune in 2021, their career and wealth will be auspicious. They can do well in their work fields and have more chances to get promotion and increase salary. 2021 is not a good year for them to establish a love relationship with others and get married.

What is the element of 1988 Chinese zodiac?

What Element is 1988? If you were born in 1988 and your Chinese zodiac sign is the Dragon, your element is earth. The Earth Dragon is a quieter, more reflective Dragon. He will be appreciative of other people’s opinions even if he fails to agree with them.

What was the horoscope for the earth dragon in 1988?

The overall horoscope for people with Chinese zodiac Dragon born in 1988 is good in the year of the Pig, showing an upward trend. The career fortune is very good for the Earth Dragon.

What kind of person is born in 1988?

Personality Type of the 1988 Chinese Zodiac If you were born in 1988, your Chinese zodiac sign is the Dragon. People born under this sign are bighearted and full of strength and energy.

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