Did Apollo 13 astronauts survive?

Did Apollo 13 astronauts survive?

The oxygen was not just for the astronauts to breathe, but also fed the fuel cells that powered the spacecraft. The command module was dying, quickly. But the lunar lander, docked to the command module, was intact. Eighty-seven hours after the explosion, the Apollo 13 astronauts safely splashed in the Pacific Ocean.

Did the astronauts return home safely on Apollo 13?

The crew of Apollo 13, Commander James A. All three took refuge in Aquarius and, abandoning Moon landing plans, looped around the Moon, using the LM’s engine to speed their return to Earth instead of landing them on the lunar surface. …

What was the problem that occurred on Apollo 13?

Problems began on Apollo 13 when the astronauts were nearing the Moon and heard a bang and felt a shudder through their spacecraft. During what should have been a routine stir, one of the oxygen tanks on the spacecraft had burst and exploded.

What did Apollo 13 hope to accomplish?

With Americans still so excited about the first landing on the moon, NASA quickly planned several other missions to land on and explore the moon. Apollo 13 would have been the third mission to accomplish a lunar landing, if not for extremely hazardous technical difficulties.

What went wrong with Apollo 13?

An investigation into what went wrong with Apollo 13 found that a heating wire inside the liquid oxygen tank had lost its insulation, which led to the explosion. The cause was a combination of mistakes in design, testing, and implementation.

What problems did Apollo 13 face?

The explosion in the oxygen tanks led to other challenges that Mission Control and the crew of Apollo 13 would have to face: a very limited supply of power, a weakened supply of consumables, a carbon dioxide buildup, and alterations in the flight plan to get them home.

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