What is a tenure package?

What is a tenure package?

The tenure package you submit is your opportunity to make a strong written case for why your institution should grant you tenure. Two of the most important components of the tenure package are the CV and the narrative (personal statement).

How do I choose an external reviewer for tenure?

Typically an external reviewer must:Be a senior peer or better at a rank above yours (e.g., associate professors can judge the tenure packets of assistant professors), and in that rank for a certain number of years.Come from a peer institution (that is, a college or university ranked near your own, or higher).

How do I write a recommendation for tenure?

1 Emphasize Teaching Skills. Don’t hesitate to write about how your professor makes a difference in the classroom. 2 Highlight Scholarship. Evidence of scholarship and research is a critical factor in the tenure evaluation process. 3 Discuss Service. 4 Differentiate Your Professor.

What is a motivation statement?

The motivation statement is a personal statement, up to one page long. The document is written and used to submit application for University program or to apply for job. The motivation statement can show the members of selection committee, why you are good candidate for the position.

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