What kind of curtains do you use for a bay window?

What kind of curtains do you use for a bay window?

Opt for roman shades for the bay windows but also for the other windows in the room if you wish to create a cohesive look throughout.

Are eyelet curtains suitable for bay windows?

Curtains. Essentially you are treating your bay window like 3 separate windows, hanging one pole and a pair of curtains in the centre and individual poles and single curtains drawing outwards on either side. This is the only way you can hang eyelet curtains on a bay window.

How long should bay window curtains be?

For instance, if the window measurement is 40 inches wide, the window requires 80 inches of curtain panel to properly decorate the window without any major gaps. The width of most curtain panels falls between 40 inches and 60 inches, whereas the length of the panels can range from 56 inches to 72 inches.

How do you hang net curtains on a UPVC bay window?

To put the net on, simply take the end off of the rod and feed it through, but don’t start tidying just yet. Put one end of the rod up first, then the other, and then spread and gather the net along until it’s looking just how you’d like it.

How do you measure a bay window for curtains?

Start at one end of the bay window where the curtain track is to start. Measure across this section of wall to where it meets at the angle of the next section of wall. Write down the measurement and then measure across to the next section of wall, continuing around the bay to where the track is to finish.

What angle is my bay window?

Bay windows extend from a home at a protruded angle, either 15, 30, or 45 degrees.

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