What do you put on a resume if you have no education?

What do you put on a resume if you have no education?

When creating a resume with no education to list, highlight the ways you’ve taken the initiative to learn and grow in your field rather than focusing on an incomplete or interrupted education. List any job-related training you’ve completed, either through your own initiative or your company’s direction.

What do I put on my resume if I don’t have anything?

When you do not have enough facts to write in your resume, lists can help. Use them to mention your achievements, expectations for the job, your strongest traits and your educational courses. A recruiter can read it quickly and pick up information needed to understand whether you fit their expectations as an employee.

What is the best stay at home jobs for moms?

Check out these 15 work-at-home jobs for moms:Customer Service Representative. Median Pay: $37,907. Data Entry Specialist. Median Pay: $35,833. Recruiting Coordinator. Median Pay: $45,485. Proofreader. Median Pay: $43,126. Writer / Blogger. Median Pay: $48,732. Transcriptionist. Virtual Assistant. Online Teacher / Tutor.

How can I make money at home fast?

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