Is Beneteau a blue water boat?

Is Beneteau a blue water boat?

With its new Sense line of cruising sailboats, ranging from 43 to 55 feet, Beneteau sets out to provide the best bluewater cruiser for families; a common-sense liveaboard that is completely unique in the layout of its accommodations, the openness of its cockpit and the comfort of its living spaces.

What is a Beneteau Oceanis?

Oceanis is our range of long-distance, blue water cruisers and for years has set the standard for sailboat design and construction. With a hull that is a marvel in hydrodynamics, Oceanis delivers superior performance while providing stability and safety under sail.

How much does a 45 foot catamaran cost?

Boat Length: 45 ft
Asking Price: $635,574
Boat Name: “HULL 736”
Manufacturer: LAGOON
Model: Lagoon 450 F

Where is Beneteau factory?

The main production facility is in France with five factories in the Vendée area of France. However they have one US plant producing boats for the America’s market in Marion, South Carolina which opened in 1986; since then the factory has nearly doubled in size to about 250,000 square feet (23,000 m2).

What kind of boat is the Beneteau First 25?

Nearly 20 years after the launch of the First 25, Beneteau has taken the best of both the old and new and introduced the First 25 S: in the process creating a boat that is slippery, easily sailed, won’t break the bank and includes a lot to like within the confines of its modest LOA.

What kind of sailboat is the first 25?

The First 25 is stunning under sail with her slender profile, attractive decorated hull, and generous sail plan. With her unstayed rig, she is equipped with a square-top mainsail, a furling genoa, a code 0 and an asymmetric spinnaker (on option), making sailing faster and more enjoyable.

How big is the sail on a Beneteau sailboat?

The standard fixed keel draws 4ft 9in, while the optional swing keel deploys to 6ft 1in. It also snugs up to where it draws just under 3ft—a draft that can be reduced no further because of the boat’s shaft and prop.

Is the first 25 a joy to sail?

Loved for her sleek sporty line, the First 25 is the first step towards coastal cruising at all speeds. Combining performance, safety and comfort, she is a joy to sail. If playback doesn’t begin shortly, try restarting your device.

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