What is the significance of Nalangu?

What is the significance of Nalangu?

The Nalangu for bride and groom holds great importance for it’s main intent is to ensure that the couple is fresh, beautified and warded off any negative energy that surrounds them before their big day!

What is a Brahmin wedding?

The wedding ceremony is like most other Hindu wedding ceremonies. The bride and groom sit on a marriage Pandal in front of a Havan Kund, while a priest chants many prayers to unite their souls. The Hindu Brahmin wedding is filled with a myriad of rituals, all aiming to bless the couple and pray for their happiness.

What is Kashi Yatra in Brahmin marriage?

Kashi Yatra – Kashi (the place in Uttar Pradesh) and Yatra (meaning journey in Sanskrit), is a ritual practised in Telugu, Kannada, and Tamil Brahmin Weddings. It is a ritual where the groom decides to abandon his current life and move to Kashi to gain further knowledge.

What are the strangest wedding traditions?

Here are 15 of the weirdest marriage traditions followed around the world:

  1. Banging on the first wedding night in France.
  2. The fat farms in Mauritania.
  3. Beating the groom with dead fish in Korea.
  4. The Blackening ritual of Scotland.
  5. Practicing crying for a month before the wedding in China.

What are the rituals of the Iyer wedding?

Another interesting ritual is when the bride and groom are asked to take a look at the two-star constellation of ‘Arundhati’ and ‘Vasishtha’, which is part of the bigger ‘Saptarishi’ or ‘Big Dipper’ constellation.

How long does the Tamil Iyer wedding ceremony take?

In the Southern Region of India, the Tamil Iyer caste celebrate their marriage ceremony typically over 2-3 days with a diversity of rituals.

How are trees planted at an Iyer wedding?

Sprinkling of ‘paligai’: This ritual originally involved planting a row of trees by the families of the bride and the groom. Over a period of time actual planting of trees has given way to germinated seeds of nine kinds of pre-soaked grains being sowed in five clay-pots each for the bride and the groom’s side.

What kind of food is served at Iyer wedding?

‘Pongi podal’: The bride and the groom are invited by their respective aunts, i.e., mother’s brothers’ wives (‘maamis’) and father’s sisters (‘athais’) and treated to a traditional feast including ‘pongal’ (made of rice, lentils and turmeric) and some other dishes that they might like to have.

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