How much does Belly app cost?

How much does Belly app cost?


Required Monthly Service Fee The service fee includes your dedicated Merchant Success Manager, unlimited BellyCards delivered to your door and technical support when you need it. $19.99 /Month FREE
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What is the app Belly?

Belly provides a loyalty program for merchants, using an in-store iPad for the merchant and an app for customers. It charges merchants $50 to $100 a month for the service, which includes an iPad, a case and lock for the iPad, marketing materials, plus data and analytics.

How does the Belly app work?

How does Belly work? Earn points by scanning the barcode of your BellyCard or on your Belly mobile app on the in-store tablet. Friendly reminder: points are specific to each business and can only be used for redemption at that location.

How does Belly make money?

Belly product overview Belly offers an app for businesses, as well as an app and a BellyCard for customers. Every time a customer visits your business they earn points. They can also earn points by visiting and interacting with your listings on top review sites.

Is the belly the stomach?

The abdomen (colloquially called the belly, tummy, midriff or stomach) is the part of the body between the thorax (chest) and pelvis, in humans and in other vertebrates. The abdomen is the front part of the abdominal segment of the torso.

What is digital loyalty program?

They are also a very valuable marketing tool for businesses. Either way, a digital loyalty program allows consumers to interact with a business, receive rewards points or stamps with every purchase, use those collected points to redeem rewards such as discounted items and special offers.

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What does Belly Belly mean?

: a person’s stomach or the part of the body that contains the stomach. : the part of an animal’s body that is like a person’s belly. : a curved or rounded surface or part.

How can I use the belly mobile app?

Link the mobile app to your physical BellyCard which can be picked up at any Belly Business. Use the app’s “Nearby Places” feature to find locations to Belly when you’re out and about on the town. Earn a free cup of coffee at the donut shop down the street. Name the Sandwich of the Month at your local deli.

What do you get with a belly card?

Belly is a universal loyalty program that offers one-of-a-kind rewards at the businesses you love, replacing boring “Buy 10, Get 1 Free” punch cards with free stuff you actually want. Belly Members scan their BellyCard or app at the in-store tablet, earning points that are redeemable for rewards unique to each Belly Business.

How to measure the success of a belly loyalty program?

Capture customer emails automatically, and collect real-time customer data like visit history, age and gender. Measure your program’s success within your own dashboard on web, iOS or Android apps. Customers re-activated through Belly’s automatic marketing tool return an additional 11 times.

How are customers re-activated in the belly program?

Customers re-activated through Belly’s automatic marketing tool return an additional 11 times. Ensure first-time and lapsed customers receive automatic communication from you while you focus on running your business. Learn more about Auto-Engage. Fact: Loyal customers want to hear from you.

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