What is Bilirubinometer?

What is Bilirubinometer?

High degree of correlation between cutaneous bilirubin and TSB is the basis of transcutaneous bilirubinometry. Simply stated, transcutaneous bilirubinometer measures the yellowness of the skin by analyzing the spectrum of light reflected by the baby’s skin.

How much does a transcutaneous Bilirubinometer cost?

There are two types of transcutaneous bilirubinometers (JM and BiliCheck meter) that are commonly used for estimation of serum bilirubin in neonates. The direct cost for the JM meter costs about US$3995 and requires no additional supplies.

What is transcutaneous Bilirubinometer?

The visual assessment is subjective and can alternatively be replaced by transcutaneous measurement.The transcutaneous bilirubinometer is a validated measurement-tool, which provides us with an estimated serum bilirubin-concentration.

What is a safe level of bilirubin in a newborn?

Bilirubin Levels in Full Term, Healthy Newborns that may Require treatment

Serum bilirubin Levels Age of baby
Above 10 mg Less than 24 hours old
Above 15 mg 24-48 hours old
Above 18 mg 49-72 hours old
Above 20 mg Older than 72 hours

How is a jaundice meter used for bilirubin?

Jaundice meter for non-invasive bilirubin measurement MBJ20 jaundice meter is very simple to apply and operate, making it very quick and easy to obtain bilirubin readings with minimal disturbance to the baby. The compact ergonomic design makes it easy to hold, with a display that is easy to read, and very convenient to carry around.

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Why is a bilirubinometer used in post natal care?

The unit is easily cleaned for infection control. The reduction in need for blood sampling gives further potential advantages in relation to infection prevention in addition to the developmental care considerations. The portability and simplicity make the unit ideal for use in all areas, including routine post-natal care and community care.

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