Where does Randolph Mantooth live today?

Where does Randolph Mantooth live today?

Santa Barbara
Mantooth, who resides in Santa Barbara, California, still works as an actor. “I was diagnosed with cancer about four years ago and I’m still recovering from that,” he said.

Are Kevin Tighe and Randolph Mantooth friends?

2. He is best friends with Kevin Tighe in real life. There was no need to fake the chemistry between Johnny Gage and Roy DeSoto, played by Kevin Tighe. The two remain close and Tighe served as best man at Mantooth’s second marriage in 2002.

Why do they say KMG365 on emergency?

The radio call sign KMG365, which is said whenever Station 51 is responding to a call, is still a valid FCC call sign licensed to the LACoFD. It appears on the station patches for the crew at Station 127, which was used as the filming location for Station 51.

Are any of the cast from emergency still alive?

Thankfully, he is not the only member of the “Emergency!” cast who is still alive. Robert Fuller, who portrayed Kelly Brackett, is 86 years old. Ron Pinkard, also known as Dr. Mike Morton, is 78.

Who is Kevin Tighe married to?

Rebecca Tighem. 1995
Mary Lou Seamanm. 1968–1971
Kevin Tighe/Spouse

Is Kevin Tighe still acting?

Kevin Tighe (born Jon Kevin Fishburn; August 13, 1944) is an American actor who has worked in television, film, and theatre since the late 1960s….

Kevin Tighe
Born Jon Kevin Fishburn August 13, 1944 Los Angeles, California, U.S.
Alma mater University of Southern California
Occupation Actor
Years active 1967–present

What does Rampart mean in Emergency?

The name Rampart was suggested by Cinader based on his work on Adam-12, where Rampart was a division within the Los Angeles Police Department. Harbor Medical Center was part of the original Paramedic program, with its first Paramedic class graduating in 1970.

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