How long does a wheel bearing replacement take?

How long does a wheel bearing replacement take?

Some rear/4WD vehicles have the bearing and hub permanently assembled and bolted to the spindle. While making for a more expensive replacement part, removal and replacement only takes 20-30 minutes. Rear axle bearings on rear wheel drive/4 wheel drive are a big job that will run several hours.

How do you check rear axle bearings?

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How long do rear axle bearings last?

In order for the axle shafts to stay in place, they will need a wheel bearing to go around them. Each time that a car is put in drive or reverse, the wheel bearings will have to go to work. The wheel bearings on a car will last anywhere from 75,000 to 150,000 miles.

Are there wheel bearings in the rear?

Usually, only the non-drive wheels (that is, the front wheels on rear-wheel drive vehicles and the rear wheels on front-wheel drive vehicles) have repackable wheel bearings. Vehicles with front-wheel drive have sealed front bearings, but some have packable rear ones.

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