Who is the actor known as DJ Qualls?

Who is the actor known as DJ Qualls?

Donald Joseph Qualls (born June 10, 1978), known professionally as DJ Qualls, is an American actor, producer, and model.

Where did DJ Qualls grow up in Tennessee?

DJ Qualls grew up in the small city of Manchester in Tennessee, USA, one of five children. After studying in the UK at King’s College, University of London, he returned to Tennessee where he began acting in a local theatre.

When did DJ Qualls appear in circle of eight?

Qualls appeared in a cameo in Britney Spears’ music video “Boys” (2001) and was also in the “I’m Just a Kid” music video by Simple Plan (2002). He stars in the Paramount Pictures web series Circle of Eight.

What kind of cancer did DJ Qualls have?

Qualls was born in Nashville, Tennessee, one of five children of Donnie and Debbie Qualls. He was raised in Manchester, Tennessee, and attended school nearby. He was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma at age fourteen; after two years of treatment, his cancer was said to be in remission.

How is Lauren Lapkus related to DJ Qualls?

Lauren Lapkus discussed her lookalike “brother” with Conan O’Brien. While promoting the musical film One Shot in 2016, Lauren appeared on the late-night show Conan. There, she admitted that there are quite a few actors who people believe she is related to. Most notably, Lauren said that people ask her if her brother is DJ Qualls.

Who is the mother of DJ Qualls children?

DJ Qualls was born Donald Joseph Qualls on June 10, 1978, in Nashville, Tennesse. She is one of five children of Donnie Qualls and Debbie Qualls . DJ Qualls dated to actress Nikki Reed in 2006 but the couple did not make their relationship successful and separated in 2007.


What did DJ Qualls say about the Big Bang theory?

DJ Qualls regrets taking the job on Big Bang Theory and admits to crying after taking it. He says his role on Creepshow is much more his type of project.

Is it true that DJ Qualls has never been married?

DJ Qualls, despite having spent over 25 years in the industry and over four decades on planet earth, has never been married. A fact that might not come as a surprise considering most casual fans still consider him a young actor due to his incredibly young look.

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