Do Yakima racks fit any car?

Do Yakima racks fit any car?

Our team works to fit all vehicles but due to this vehicle’s design, we do not currently offer an out-of-the box solution. Please check our custom installation guidelines.

Are Yakima roof bars any good?

Very well constructed! Top quality from Yakima. I would caution against using cargo boxes (I have a Yakima Skybox 16) because of the low profile of the bars. Once installed there is only about a 1/4” between the box “arms” (the things that clamp onto the bar itself) and the roof.

What’s better Yakima or Thule?

Q: Are Thule or Yakima Racks Better? A: In general, Thule racks offer superior style and more functionality than Yakima racks but with a premium price tag to match. Yakima racks are more wallet-friendly and get the job done with fewer bells and whistles.

How can I find out what car my Q-clip fits?

If you have Q-Clips and are wondering what vehicles they will fit you can use the attached spreadsheet to sort the clips and see what vehicles they will work with. Many vehicles will use two different clips, so you will need to sort by both front and rear clips to see everything a specific clip fits.

What does the Q stand for in Yakima?

The Q in Yakima Q Towers stands for the quadruple movement capability of the tower and the clip. Yakima Q Towers are the most versatile fitting tower system for vehicles without rain gutters not to mention their super quick installation. RA. Part Number: 200124

When to transition away from the Q-clip system?

In 2016 we began transitioning away from the Q-Tower system and to our new BaseLine system. Most new model year vehicles made 2016 or later will only use the BaseLine system If you are looking for a Q-Clip fit for your vehicle first click here to check our advanced Fit Guide, if there is a Q-Tower fit it will be listed under “Historical Fits”.

Is there still a market for Q clips?

As of January 2020 we have stopped producing Q-Clips and have a very limited number still available. You can check here to see the list of available clips. Your best source for clips will be through local retailers who may still have old stock, you can find a retailer close to you here;h local or online retailers.

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