Are Storm Chasers still a thing?

Are Storm Chasers still a thing?

Storm chasers are most active in the spring and early summer, particularly May and June, across the Great Plains of the United States (extending into Canada) in an area colloquially known as Tornado Alley, with many hundred individuals active on some days during this period.

Is Reed Timmer still storm chasing?

Timmer was a storm chaser for KFOR-TV’s 4WARN Storm Team, with his SRV Dominator 2 as 4WARN Dominator 4. Timmer left AccuWeather in October 2019 to become a content creator for weather forecasts and storm chasing, mostly on Facebook and Twitter.

When was the last season of Storm Chasers?

The show was canceled at the end of its 5th season by Discovery Communications on January 21, 2012. An early version of the Tornado Intercept Vehicle (TIV). The SRV “Dominator”, featured in the Discovery Channel series, Storm Chasers.

Who are the cast members of the storm chasers?

The series followed several different and unrelated teams of storm-chasing scientists, meteorologists and drivers. Amongst others, the Storm Chasers cast included Dr. Joshua Wurman, a reknowned atmospheric scientist, documentary IMAX filmmaker Sean Casey, and engineer and veteran storm chaser Tim Samaras.

What was the purpose of the show Storm Chasers?

The show chronicled several teams of storm chasers as they attempted to intercept tornadoes, collecting scientific data to improve warning systems and filming up-close footage using special armored vehicles and equipment in order to obtain a more complete picture of tornado structures.

Where did the Tornado Chasers show take place?

(Timmer and others from the cast continued a web series, Tornado Chasers, funded by Kickstarter campaigns.) In June 2013, the Discovery Channel aired a Storm Chasers special, Mile Wide Tornado: Oklahoma Disaster, which covered the deadly tornado that hit El Reno, Oklahoma, in May of that year.

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