Are the white bass running in Fremont Wisconsin?

Are the white bass running in Fremont Wisconsin?

FREMONT (WLUK) — The spawning run is underway for a popular fish on the Lake Winnebago system. “Just the abundance of fish. It’s really a good spot to fish, and you catch a lot.

Where can I find white bass in Wisconsin?

Where to find white bass: All the major river systems in Wisconsin have great populations of whites. I’ve personally caught them out of the Fox, Rock, Wolf, Mississippi and Wisconsin Rivers. Look for schools of fish near or on gravel bars, structure, around slack water or in eddies.

What attracts white bass?

White Bass will hit a variety of lures, most of which resemble shad. White and clear shades are good most of the time, with chartreuse being popular when visibility is low. Two popular lures are shown below – the “slab” type lure, which can be jigged or cast and retrieved, and the plastic grub on a jig head.

Are the white bass biting on the Wolf River?

Anglers catching hundreds of white bass on Wolf River in Fremont. FREMONT (WLUK) — White bass are biting along the Wolf River this spring. So there are guys who will catch 50, there are guys who will catch 150 fish,” said Chris Wenzel owner of Fremont Bait and Tackle.

What river runs through Fremont Wisconsin?

Wolf River
Wolf River – Fremont – Wisconsin Fishing Reports and Discussions.

How do you catch white bass on shore?

Small spoons, spinners, and jigs work well, too, for active fish that are on the move chasing bait, but relatively close to the surface. Another good way to catch them is by attaching a small floating fly behind a popping cork. You can cast it a long way and the cork attracts the fish.

How many bass can you keep in Wisconsin?

Total daily bag limits for Wisconsin fish species

Species Total daily bag limit
Largemouth and smallmouth bass 5 in total
Muskellunge 1
Northern pike All waters north of U.S. Hwy 10 All waters south of U.S. Hwy 10 5 in total 2 in total
Panfish (bluegill, pumpkinseed, yellow perch, white and black crappie) 25 in total

Where can I fish on the Wolf River?

Access to the lower portion of the Wolf River is available at Mukwa Wildlife Area and the adjoining Wolf River State Fishery Area, both of which are just downstream from New London. You can launch a boat at Shaw’s Landing, or farther downstream at Gill’s Landing.

What kind of fishing is there in Fremont Wi?

The walleye fishing is excellent drifting the wolf right in Fremont as well as trolling Lake Poygan. Walleye can be caught drifting the river. Catfish are still in the holes. Fish the downed trees in the river for crappie and bluegill.

Where to catch white bass in the Wolf River?

It’s time to get on the water and catch some white bass before the run is over. The white bass action does vary daily. Some days are great. Some days are amazing. And some days are just like fishing. The river is still flooded and there is a “No Wake” on the entire river. Fremont has been the hot spot lately.

Where to go on white bass run in Wisconsin?

The county boat launch at Gill’s Landing at the end of County Road F, east of Weyauwega, is another location to get in on the white bass run. The seawall between the bar and the boat ramp provides ample access to the river.

When does the fall white bass run start?

The fall white bass run starts in September. Walleye activity in the river will increase. The fall white bass run is still available but will dwindle as the water cools. However, the walleye bite increases with the colder water. The smallmouth bass will move back into the river and this will be a great opportunity to fish for them.

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