How do you read NCS colors?

How do you read NCS colors?

Colors in the NCS are defined by three values, expressed in percentages, specifying the degree of blackness (s , = relative visual similarity to the black elementary color), chromaticness (c, = relative visual similarity to the “strongest”, most saturated, color in that hue triangle), and hue (Φ, = relative similarity …

What do the colors mean on NCS?

Genres (By Circle Color) Red = Drumstep. Orange = Indie Dance/Synthpop. Yellow = House/Electro. Green = Trap/Future Bass. Mint = Glitch Hop.

What is an NCS code?

NCS – Natural Colour System® is a scientifically based colour system that allows for accurate cross-industrial colour communication for designers and manufacturers, retailers and customers. All surface colours can be described with a NCS Notation.

What are the three natural colors?

colorimetry. The three additive primary colours are red, green, and blue; this means that, by additively mixing the colours red, green, and blue in varying amounts, almost all other colours can be produced, and, when the three primaries are added together in equal amounts, white is produced.

How many colors do exist?

First of all, scientists have determined that in the lab we can see about 1,000 levels of dark-light and about 100 levels each of red-green and yellow-blue. So that’s about 10 million colors right there.

Is NCS royalty free?

NoCopyrightSounds (NCS) is a British record label that releases royalty-free electronic dance music. Starting as a YouTube channel, it reached 1 million paid downloads in 2017.

How big is the colour panel in NCS?

The colour palette also contains markings in the NCS Circle and the NCS Triangle on each page that show the position of the colours in the NCS Colour Space for fast analysis of the colour. Colour panel size: 20×50 mm, 26×50 mm for light colours.

What is the nuance of the NCS Colour triangle?

The NCS Colour Triangle is a vertical section through the colour space. For each hue in the NCS Colour Circle, there is one NCS Colour Triangle. The colour NCS S 4030-R90B has the nuance 4030, i.e. 40% in blackness and 30% in chromaticness. The whiteness is then: 100% – 40% – 30% = 30%

How is the NCS natural colour system illustrated?

NCS – Natural Colour System is illustrated in a three-dimensional colour space. Within this three-dimensional model, all imaginable surface colour can be plotted and given a NCS Notation. The NCS Colour Circle is a horizontal section through the middle of the colour space.

Where is the hue in the NCS system?

The NCS Colour Circle is a horizontal section through the middle of the colour space. The hue is described as the relation to one or two of the four chromatic elementary colours in the colour circle.

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