How is Marco described in A View from the Bridge?

How is Marco described in A View from the Bridge?

Marco is described as a square-built peasant of thirty-two, suspicious, tender, and quiet-voiced. He has just arrived from Sicily as an illegal immigrant. He has a wife and three children, the eldest of whom is sick in his chest He hopes to spend Maybe four, five, six years I think.

Who looks from the bridge in a view from the bridge?

A View from the Bridge by Arthur Miller is a two-act play set by the docks of Red Hook, a working-class part of Brooklyn, New York. It is narrated by a lawyer, Alfieri, and revolves around the Carbone family – Eddie, his wife Beatrice and their niece Catherine.

What sort of characters will be involved in a view from the bridge?

A View from the Bridge Characters

  • Eddie Carbone. The tragic protagonist of the play, Eddie is a hard-working man who supports his wife Beatrice and his niece Catherine, whom he has raised like a daughter.
  • Beatrice.
  • Catherine.
  • Alfieri.
  • Marco.
  • Rodolpho.
  • Mike and Louis.
  • Lipari.

What reason does Eddie tell Catherine that she should break up with Rodolpho?

Eddie thinks that Rodolpho is untrustworthy and Eddie becomes jealous of the time he spends with Catherine. Eddie tells Catherine that Rodolpho just wants to marry her to become a citizen, but she does not listen.

Why is a view from the bridge called that?

You squint your eyes and see the longshoremen, crawling like ants across those docks. Many critics say that Arthur Miller was referencing just this view when he titled his 1950s drama, A View from the Bridge. By far the most popular theory is that the title refers to how Arthur Miller wanted audiences to view the play.

How long does it take to read a view from the bridge?

The average reader will spend 1 hours and 36 minutes reading this book at 250 WPM (words per minute). Winner of the 2016 Tony Awards for Best Revival of a Play and Best Direction of a Play: Ivo van Hove.

Why did Eddie kiss Rodolpho?

Eddie is offended because he feels that Rodolpho is taking Catherine from him, because he may desire Catherine himself, and because he feels that Rodolpho is disrespecting him in his own household. Eddie restrains Rodolpho and then suddenly kisses him. Catherine attacks Eddie until he lets Rodolpho go.

Why does Catherine call Eddie a rat?

She calls him a “rat” This could have two meanings as one could interpret this as a dirty, filty animal but it also be referring to him telling the immigration bereau about Rodolpho and Marco. This is the real moment of defiance from Catherine and before this her defiance slowly builds as the play goes on.

What does the bridge represent in A View from the Bridge?

The Brooklyn Bridge is symbolic of a pathway of opportunity to Manhattan and also the linkage between American and Italian cultures. The bridge, which is very close to the Red Hook community, is a constant reminder of American opportunity and industry.

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