Who are the members of human rights Commission?

Who are the members of human rights Commission?

Composition of Commission

S.No. Name Designation
1 Shri Justice Arun Kumar Mishra Chairperson
2 Shri Justice Prafulla Chandra Pant Member
3 Shri Justice Mahesh Mittal Kumar Member
4 Smt. Jyotika Kalra Member

Does every country have a human rights Commission?

National and sub-national human rights commissions have been established in a number of countries for the promotion and protection of their citizens’ human rights, and most commissions are public bodies but with some degree of independence from the state. In other countries the ombudsman performs that role.

How many members are in the human rights Commission?

53 States
Composed of 53 States members, its brief expanded over time to allow it to respond to the whole range of human rights problems and it set standards to govern the conduct of States.

Which United Nations council selects the members of the Commission on Human Rights?

the United Nations Economic and Social Council
The 53 States members of the Commission on Human Rights were elected by the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC). This election, which usually took place in May each year, elected approximately a third of the members of the Commission.

Which state has no human rights commission?

Arunachal Pradesh, Mizoram and Nagaland have no human rights commissions.

What is the retirement age of NHRC members?

Term of office: The Act states that the chairperson and members of the NHRC and SHRC will hold office for five years or till the age of seventy years, whichever is earlier.

Which country is the latest to join the UN as a member?

South Sudan
The most recent state to join is South Sudan, which was recognized as an independent nation in 2011….List of Member States.

Country Joined UN 1
Afghanistan 1946
Albania 1955
Algeria 1962
Andorra 1993

Which countries make up the Human Rights Council?

Nine of the 29 countries listed are actually members of the Human Rights Council, a Geneva-based group made up of 47 UN member countries. These are Burundi, Egypt, Rwanda, Cuba, Venezuela, China, India, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

Who are the members of the UN Human Rights Commission?

At the time it was extinguished, the Commission consisted of representatives drawn from 53 member states, elected by the members of ECOSOC. There were no permanent members: each year (usually in May), approximately a third of its seats would come up for election and those chosen would be appointed for a three-year term.

How does membership of the Human Rights Council work?

The Council’s Membership is based on equitable geographical distribution. Seats are distributed as follows: Members of the Council serve for a period of three years and are not eligible for immediate re-election after serving two consecutive terms. With membership on the Council comes a responsibility to uphold high human rights standards.

When did the United Nations Human Rights Council take over?

The United Nations Human Rights Council assumed responsibility for the Sub-Commission when it replaced the Commission on Human Rights in 2006.

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