Can a Fiat Scudo be used as a camper?

Can a Fiat Scudo be used as a camper?

The Fiat Scudo is one of the new breeds of compact vans which is almost car-like to drive. It’s small enough to drive as an everyday vehicle yet large enough to fit our standard camper side conversion which consists of a pull-out seat/bed (rock and roll bed), wardrobe and kitchen unit.

Is there a 2012 Ducato camper van for sale?

2012 Fiat ducato professional camper conversion Dec 2018 by bespoke campers Kilmarnock registered as motor caravan with DVLA 2 berth leisure battery and… Email field should not be empty Please enter a valid email address.

Can a Sprinter van be converted to a camper?

Our own Sprinter van conversion is built around an aluminium frame so we relied on our (Graham’s) metal working skills. But if you don’t know a dovetail from a miter or one end of a claw hammer from a spirit level, building a camper interior is a tall ask.

What do you need to convert a van to a camper?

Converting a van into a camper takes a lot of accomplished DIY skills. You’ll need to be a carpenter, metalworker, electrician and plumber. At times you’ll wish you were a magician! If you have all of these skills in abundance, a conversion might be relatively straight forward.

What kind of blinds are in scudo camper?

Fiat Scudo 140 Multi Jet. these thermal blinds are made specifically for your vehicle. needs new plastic fixing to hold it up as it will not come with any and has all the lights and speakers built in.

What kind of car is a scudo panache 2?

2009 Fiat Scudo 2.0hdi Wheelhome panache 2 berth has no service history runs a little ruff on tick over just nee. top spec van remote c,l abs colour coded front fogs 3 seater e,w .

Where to go with a Fiat Ducato camper?

(IE: ZFA25000001654999) of your vehicle and check if any campaigns are in progress. Travel wishlist: Albania, here we come! From the Albanian Alps to Tirana, from Lake Shkodra to a dip into the Blue Eye, Albania is a land of wonders, ready to amaze with its spectacular cities and timeless landscapes

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