What do you write in a personal statement for residency?

What do you write in a personal statement for residency?

The residency personal statement should include and reflect:What draws you to the specialty.The skills or qualities that will help you succeed during the residency and as a practicing physician.Your long-term plans, what you hope to accomplish, your preferred setting.

How do I get research experience for residency?

What research opportunities for medical students are available?Doing research the summer after your first year.Taking a rotation in a research lab during your third or fourth clerkship years.Working weekly for a few hours on a research project alongside your classes and/or rotations for a longer experience.

What qualifies as research experience?

Research experience is anything where you are participating in the gathering/collecting, entering, analyzing, or writing-up of data for research purposes.

How is AOA determined?

Alpha Omega Alpha (AOA) is a national medical honor society. Criteria for election are determined by the society, and the data is tabulated by the Registrar’s Office. Updates to election criteria are published annually.

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