Are Silvertone electric guitars good?

Are Silvertone electric guitars good?

Overall, our 1423 is a solidly built guitar. The 20 frets are well dressed, if just a tad jagged at the edges of the fretboard. Despite the less-than-ideal setup, the guitar plays very well—a definite improvement over a typical, well-used vintage Silvertone.

How old is my Silvertone guitar?

In general, the older the guitar is, the more it is worth. Search the guitar for a serial number. Look behind the headstock and on the base of the neck. If there is a four-digit serial number, which the vast majority of Silvertone instruments have, you can use it to find the guitar’s age.

How much does a Silvertone electric guitar cost?

Compare with similar items

Price $399.00 $399.00
Sold By Gear Hero HQ Total Music Source
Body Material Wood Wood
Color Black/Silver Flake Red/Silver Flake Burst
Guitar Bridge System Adjustable Adjustable

What happened to Silvertone guitars?

Rhythm Band Instruments has announced it has taken over as the limited-exclusive worldwide distributor of Silvertone brand guitars, parts and accessories, and it appears the company has big plans in the works for the iconic brand, which was created by Sears in 1916 and has been owned by Samick Music Corp.

Where are Silvertone electric guitars made?

The early Silvertone electric guitars were made by Harmony and Danelectro, with a few exceptions. Danelectro had been making amplifiers since the 1940’s for Sears, Epiphone and it’s own brand. Their manufacturing facility was in Neptune New Jersey.

Who makes Silvertone electric guitars?

Silvertone (brand)

Product type Consumer electronics Musical instruments
Owner Samick (2001–Present)
Country United States
Introduced 1916
Markets Worldwide (Distributed by RBI Music)

Are Silvertone acoustic guitars any good?

2.0 out of 5 stars It’s a BEAUTIFUL guitar, BUT NOT USEFUL even for beginners. It is a BEAUTIFUL guitar, BUT the guitar do not tune properly, at least 3 fretboard sound equal, and more than 4 make a bad noise. But unfortunately the most important it is to get a guitar that sound good and tune properly.

Are Silvertone guitars collectible?

The Chris Isaak Silvertone 1446, a very collectible and affordable 60s classic. Harmony, at one time the largest guitar maker in the world, also made many guitars for Sears/Silvertone.

Are Silvertone guitars still being made?

Samick made new musical instruments under the Silvertone brand and relaunched some historic models. In 2020, RBI Music was appointed the exclusive worldwide distributor of the Silvertone brand….Silvertone (brand)

Product type Consumer electronics Musical instruments

Is Danelectro a Silvertone?

Silvertone instruments and amplifiers were manufactured by various companies, including Danelectro, Valco, Harmony, Thomas, Kay and Teisco. Two of the best-known Silvertone offerings are the Danelectro-built Silvertone 1448 and 1449, made in the early to mid-1960s.

When did Silvertone start making guitars?

Silvertone (brand)

Product type Consumer electronics Musical instruments
Country United States
Introduced 1916
Markets Worldwide (Distributed by RBI Music)
Previous owners Sears (1916–1972)

Which is the best Silvertone electric guitar to buy?

Like the original 1303/U2 from 1958, the Silvertone Classic 1303/U2 Reissue Electric Guitar pays homage to the original while adding modern style to create a must have Modern/Vintage solid body electric with a 4.5 out of 5 stars. 6 ratings.

What kind of guitar is the Silvertone Classic 1478?

A reissue of Silvertone’s 1963 original, the Silvertone Classic 1478 Electric Guitar is a unique electric guitar design that offers a unique sound and playing experience brought to you by a double cut 5.0 out of 5 stars. 2 ratings.

What kind of guitar was the Sears Silvertone?

As with the Silvertone radio, Sears Silvertone guitars are considered prized pieces of many guitar collections, particularly models such as the 1963 “amp-in-case” guitar, which featured an amplifier built into the guitar’s carrying case. Many other musical and audio items bore the Silvertone brand name.

What kind of guitar is 1961 Silvertone U1?

1961 Silvertone U1 Vintage Electric Guitar U-1 Danelectro EXCELLENT CONDITION! NEW! Silvertone 1449 Guitar Red Silver Flake Burst + Free Gig Bag & Strap

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