What is a TCX Pantone?

What is a TCX Pantone?

Pantone TCX stands for Textile Cotton edition extended range which includes colour charts that help textile designers decipher the necessary colours. Being an industry-specific shade card, all the Pantone TCX swatches are dyed on 100 percentage cotton swatches giving the users the precision in shades.

How many Pantone TCX colors are there?

The Pantone Extended Gamut Coated guide contains 1,729 seven-color simulations of the solid (spot) Pantone Matching System Colors printed on coated stock. The majority of these colors are referred to using a three- or four-digit number followed by an XGC.

What is a TCX code?

So in short, the latest, most up-to-date and current Pantone Fashion,Home + Interiors textile colour references now end, TCX (Textile Cotton eXtended) and TPG (Textile Paper Green).

What happened Pantone TPX?

Pantone 19-2430 color chip In May of 2003, the old Pantone Textile color system was renamed ‘Pantone for Fashion and Home’, and all colors changed from TP to TPX . The Pantone for Fashion and Home series also contains the Pantone for Fashion and Home color selector cotton, which has fabric chips mounted on paper.

How do I convert Pantone TCX to TPX?

How to Convert Pantone TPX

  1. Open your Web browser and go to Pantone.com.
  2. Roll your mouse cursor over the help center link in the navigation bar at the top of the page.
  3. Select “color cross-reference” from the drop-down menu and click it.
  4. Click the “Pantone Color Guide” link in the “myPANTONE X-Ref” box.

What are Pantone numbers?

The Pantone color numbers consist of a three- or four-digit number followed by the letter C, U or M, which stands for “coated,” “uncoated” and “matte,” respectively. The color palette in the PMS consists of about 1,114 colors.

Does Pantone still use TPX?

*In the latest versions of the PANTONE FASHION + HOME product line, the paper edition product carries a suffix of TPX = textile paper edition, extended range. ** The cotton editions carry a suffix of TCX = textile, cotton edition, extended range.

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