When did Coro jewelry go out of business?

When did Coro jewelry go out of business?

The Coro costume jewelry company started doing business in 1901, producing jewelry under several brand names, including Corocraft. Some of their more notable products include the Coro Duettes, Coro Tremblers, Coro Door Knockers and Coro Crown Pins. The Coro company went out of business in 1979.

Is BSK jewelry worth anything?

BSK is prized by some collections of vintage jewelry for the lovely combination of enameling and rhinestones, so the pieces should slowly rise in value. If you can find any of the My Fair Lady pieces, consider yourself lucky. They are not easy to find and always command good prices even when the enamel is worn.

Does real gold stick to magnet?

What to do: Hold the magnet up to the gold. If it’s real gold it will not stick to the magnet. Fake gold, on the other hand, will stick to the magnet. If that necklace leaps to the magnet, your significant other has some explaining to do.

Is Monet a good brand?

Monet Jewelry refers to a popular brand of vintage costume jewelry. The company specialised in creating high-end accessories and quickly became one of the top brands in the country.

How can you tell if earrings are vintage?

For a piece of jewelry to be considered vintage, it must be at least 20 years old. Once a piece has its 100th birthday, it’s considered an antique and might be even more valuable.

What kind of jewelry is made by Coro?

Under the Corocraft brand, Coro introduced a line of Jelly Belly pins that were similar to those made by Trifari, right down to the Lucite “belly.” Whereas most vintage Coro pieces were built on metal frames, vintage Corocraft pins and bracelets were often made of sterling silver or plated in gold.

When did the Coro Duette jewelry come out?

The Duettes utilized a frame based on one designed by Cartier in 1927. Like the Cartier frame, the Coro version had two openings in it, one for each pin. Pins could be attached to the frame to be worn as a set, or detached from the frame to be worn individually.

When did the Vendome Coro Jewelry come out?

Vendome, which was introduced in 1944 and replaced Corocraft in 1953, was the top of the Coro line.

What kind of Lucite does Coro use?

Like Coro, which had embraced Lucite for both its Jelly Bellies and individual pins, Vendome also used Lucite. But instead of treating the material as just a clear or translucent replacement for a glass bead, Vendome designers shaved and formed Lucite into organics shapes in unexpected colors.

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