Why did the Convair 990 fail?

Why did the Convair 990 fail?

After losing half a billion dollars in the development of the 880 and 990, it turned out that the plane’s speed and comfort were not enough. Airlines wanted a fuel-efficient long-range capable jet that could carry hundreds of passengers thousands of miles.

How many Convair 990 were built?

The Convair 990 Coronado is an American narrow-body four-engined jet airliner produced by the Convair division of General Dynamics, a stretched version of its earlier Convair 880 produced in response to a request from American Airlines….

Convair 990 Coronado
Number built 37
Developed from Convair 880

What happened to the Convair aircraft company?

Convair, previously Consolidated Vultee, was an American aircraft manufacturing company that later expanded into rockets and spacecraft….Convair.

Industry Aerospace
Founded 1943
Defunct 1996
Fate Operations shut down
Headquarters San Diego, California , United States

How fast is Convair 990?

615 mph
Convair 990 Coronado/Top speed

What is the fastest airliner?

Boeing 747-8 The 747 is one of the largest commercial aircraft ever built, and the 747-8 Intercontinental (747-8i) variant wins the race as the fastest commercial plane in service today. This plane is as tall as a six-story building with a top speed of Mach 0.86. That’s equivalent to 659.85 mph.

Who built B-24?

Consolidated Aircraft
Consolidated B-24 Liberator/Manufacturers

Conceived in 1938 by Consolidated Aircraft, a Lockheed Martin legacy company, the original B-24 prototype was designed to fly faster and carry a larger payload than the US Army Air Corps’s B-17 Flying Fortress.

Is Consolidated Aircraft still in business?

The Consolidated Aircraft Corporation was founded in 1923 by Reuben H….Consolidated Aircraft.

Type Public company
Founded Buffalo, New York, United States, 1923
Founder Reuben H. Fleet
Defunct 1943
Fate Merged with Vultee Aircraft

What is the fastest a 747 can fly?

Boeing 747-400 A member of the same Boeing 747 family, the 747-400 is a behemoth that can catapult 416 passengers across the world with a maximum speed of Mach 0.855 (656 mph). With a range of up to 7,225 nautical miles, it’s most commonly used for busy long-haul routes with high demand.

Why did American Airlines choose the Convair 990?

American Airlines asked Convair to design an aircraft for coast-to-coast flights, able to fly nonstop from New York City to Los Angeles against the wind. They wanted a somewhat larger passenger capacity than the 880, which was the smallest of the first-generation U.S. jet airliners.

Where did the Convair 990 crash in 1970?

The aircraft was departing for Karachi, Pakistan. January 5, 1970: A Spantax Convair 990 (EC-BNM) crashed at Stockholm-Arlanda Airport outside Stockholm, Sweden while taking off on a three-engine ferry flight to Zürich, Switzerland, killing five of seven passengers; the three crew members survived.

Which is faster Boeing 707 or Convair 990?

This was still fewer passengers than the contemporary Boeing 707 (110 to 189) or Douglas DC-8 (105 to 173), although the 990 was 25–35 mph (40–56 km/h) faster than either in cruise. American Airlines asked Convair to design an aircraft for coast-to-coast flights, able to fly nonstop from New York City to Los Angeles against the wind.

How much fuel does a Convair 990 burn?

In 1963, the 990A was reported to burn 13,750 pounds (6.24 t) per hour of fuel at Mach 0.84 (484 kn; 897 km/h) at 35,000 feet (11 km) at a mass of 200,000 pounds (91 t). In contrast, a modern Boeing 737 MAX 8 typically carries 162 passengers and burns 4,460 lb (2.02 t) per hour at Mach 0.78 (450 kn; 833 km/h) at sub-optimal parameters.

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